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Invitation: Mediation and Dialogue in the Americas in the 21st Century
On the occasion of the launch of the OAS-UNDP Practical Guide on Democratic Dialogue and of the United Nations Guidance on Effective Mediation, the SPA will host, on November 8, 2013, a roundtable discussion with the participation of former OAS Acting Secretary General, Ambassador Luigi R. Einaudi and former Personal Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Ambassador Francesc Vendrell.
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OAS deploys Group of Observers to Honduras DEPM/SPA organizes presentation on planning policies in the 21st century The Forum on Latin American Democracy celebrates its fourth edition
The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (EOM/OAS) for the general elections of November 24 in Honduras installed a group of observers this week, following up on a visit made to the country the week of October 21 by the Chief of Mission Enrique Correa.
During his presentation, the Minister of Planning of Costa Rica, Roberto Gallardo, emphasized that national planning policies in the 21st century must be decentralized, participatory and green. Additionally, they must have a long-term national vision and a citizen-centered approach, and they must be linked to the modernization of the State.
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The OAS, IFE and Colmex celebrated the fourth edition of the Forum, under the theme “Governing the future. Latin American Democracy in 2020”. During the opening, Secretary General Insulza highlighted the need for "Democracy to be able to give every citizen the living conditions they deserve". The next Forum will focus on women’s political participation.
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OAS releases a New Manual for Incorporating a Gender Perspective in OAS/EOMs SPA participates in Commemoration of Tenth Anniversary of the Declaration on Security in the Americas DSDSM/SPA participates in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Annual Summit
This new methodology allows an analysis of the factors that influence the opportunities and obstacles faced by women and men when participating in an electoral process.
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During the panel on the new challenges to security in the Hemisphere, Dr. Casas-Zamora stressed that these challenges are intrinsically connected to the weakening of law. The Secretary also pointed out that the respect for the rule of law is fundamental in ensuring democracy, development and peace.
The London Summit, which brought together delegates from over 60 countries, marked the launch of the Legislative Openness Working Group (LOWG), in which the Unit to Support Representative Institutions of the DSDSM/SPA will act as one of its observers.

OAS, IFE and International IDEA hold the IV Inter-American Electoral Training Seminar OAS hosts Civil Registration Workshop in
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
DSDSM/SPA speaks at the 2013 Ethics Week Conference in El Salvador
Twenty-eight representatives of electoral authorities of the Hemisphere met in Mexico City to participate in the VI Inter-American Electoral Seminar, a week-long forum to discuss equity and transparency issues in political-electoral finance.
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The Regional Workshop of the Eastern Caribbean States on Civil Registry Databases and Interoperability, which is part of the Universal Civil Identity Program in the Americas (PUICA), took place on October 10-11 in Kingstown
DSDSM/SAP stressed the importance that the promotion of an effective legislative management, the proliferation of new technologies and a civil law culture have in the fight against corruption, lack of transparency and clientelism.

Secretary speaks on democracy, development and security at NYU, Columbia and Vanderbilt DECO/SPA and ONPE of Peru organize an international seminar on electronic voting DEPM/SPA participates in a workshop to exchange experiences on open government
Dr. Casas-Zamora lectured at New York University, Columbia University and Vanderbilt University on citizen (in)security in Latin America, the challenges that regional security perspectives pose to the positioning of the region in the global scene, and democratic governance and development in Central America, respectively. The Seminar “Compared Experiences in the Implementation of Electronic Voting” was held in order to promote the exchange of lessons learned in the implementation of these systems in the Americas and Europe.
This meeting is part of the program for the consolidation of institutions that guarantee the right of access to information and the promotion of open government, which is jointly conducted by the DEPM/SAP and the USAID Democracy Strengthening Program.

The Inter-American Network on Government Procurement (INGP) celebrates its Ninth Annual Conference DECO/SPA participates in the International Congress of Electoral Law in Mexico

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You can now access the presentations and workshop materials of the International Seminar on Municipal Management Modernization Efficiency and Transparency for Municipal Governance Citizen Service, which took place on May 30-31 in Guadalajara, Mexico.
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More than 700 officials, academics and international experts gathered at the Ninth Annual Conference of the INGP, held in Uruguay with the support of the OAS, the IDB, and the IDRC. The Conference, which serves as the highest instance of dialogue, exchange, organization and management of the Network, included the participation of the Secretary for Political Affairs, Kevin Casas-Zamora.
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The Chief of the Electoral Studies and Projects Section, Sara Mía Noguera, participated in the roundtable “Political Rights of Women: Implementation of International Treaties and Judging with a Gender Perspective”, as part of a forum organized by the Superior Court of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power of Mexico.

DEPM/SPA launches a new methodology for the installation of hospital registration systems Online Course for parliamentarians and legislative advisers: Open Parliament and its Evaluation
This methodology, which is based on the experience gained from the technical assistance projects in El Salvador and Guatemala, aims to define and explain the practical steps for the installation and operation of Auxiliary Civil Registry Offices in national hospitals.
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The course, which will start on November 5, aims to align the parliaments to the principles of Open Government Partnership. These principles seek to promote transparency and anti-corruption through the empowerment of citizens and the use of new technologies in parliaments.

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