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OAS Observes Elections in Honduras
The Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS (EOM/OAS), led by former Chilean Minister of Government Enrique Correa, successfully concluded its work in Honduras with the presentation of the mission’s initial report on December 19th. Consisting of 82 technicians and observers from 23 member States and Permanent Observers of the OAS, the mission to observe the November 24, 2013 general elections maintained a continual presence in the country from July 2013 onward. Read the preliminary report here (Spanish) More information

CLARCIEV celebrates 10th meeting The Netherlands expands contributions to the MAPP/OAS DECO/SPA trains regional coordinators
Lima hosted the 10th Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Council for Civil Registration, Identity, and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV in Spanish) with the theme, “Legal Identity: 10 meetings, 1 regional project.” Among the central topics were the exchange of best practices, technological advances, and the interoperability of civilian registrations.
The OAS and the Netherlands signed an agreement wherein the European nation commits to increase its contribution to the Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (MAPP/OAS), providing verification and advising assistance in the demobilization and reinsertion process for illegal armed groups as well as support for peace forces.
The Capacity Strengthening Course for Regional Coordinators of the Electoral Observation Missions (EOM) of the OAS was given to a group of 19 observers from both Spain and the Americas. The course occurred over two days in Cartagena, Colombia, with the support of the Canadian government and Spain’s AECID.

DEPM/SPA and the IDB organize International Conference on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises' Access to Public Procurement Colloquium on Regulation of Political Parties and the System of Political Finance in Antigua and Barbados SAIR participates in PAHO/WHO conference to improve legislative strategies in the health field
The activity, held in the Dominican Republic, is part of an initiative to develop and promote opportunities for exchange of experiences and training among members of the Inter-American Government Procurement Network (RICG).
The colloquium, co-organized by the OAS and the Antigua and Barbados Electoral Commission (ABEC), brought together representatives of the country’s public institutions, political parties and civil society with the intention of promoting dialogue about possible legislative reforms to the political finance system.
The Support to Representative Institutions Section (SAIR) of the OAS participated in a conference at the offices of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) to develop new strategies to strengthen national legislation in regional countries on areas that impact public health.

Secretary speaks on hemispheric relations, elections, and democracy in Carthage and GWU OAS Conference for Youth of the Americas 2013: Youth in Action Preliminary Visit of the EOM/OAS to El Salvador
Dr. Casas Zamora conducted conferences in Carthage College and George Washington University on hemispheric relations and the OAS perspective on various topics of regional interest, including democratic governability, upcoming elections and the drug problem. Attendees and panelists at the conference, in addition to participating in discussions, learned about the work of SPA and its three departments thanks to an exhibition that was installed for the occasion. The EOM/OAS of El Salvador, led by former Bolivian Foreign Relations Minister Gustavo Fernández Saavedra, made a preliminary visit to the country to establish contacts with the diverse actors that will participate in the coming general elections on February 2, 2014, as well as sign an Agreement on Observation Procedures

Preliminary Visit of the EOM/OAS to Costa Rica DEPM/SPA launches Program to Strengthen Hospital Birth Registration in Paraguay Fifth Meeting of the Parliamentary Network for Transparency, Access to Public Information and Probity
The Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS (EOM/OAS) in Costa Rica, led by renowned politician and former Mexican presidential candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota, signed the Agreement on Observation Procedures on December 18th in Costa Rica. The program, based on the methodology developed by the Universal Identity Project (PUICA), aims to combat underreporting at its inception by opening civil registration offices in public hospitals in Paraguay.
Sponsored by the Mexican Congress, the meeting was an opportunity to discuss the 2014 agenda on parliamentary transparency in the region. The Support to Representative Institutions Section of the OAS attended the event in support of this effort.

DEPM/SPA participated in the Smart City Congress of Barcelona OAS witnesses signing of letter of commitment for Transparency and Access to Public Information in El Salvador DEPM/SPA co-organize Workshop on Information Management
The DEPM was invited to give a presentation titled “MuNet Program – Efficient and Transparent Municipalities” for one of the event’s panels, bringing together representatives from the private and public sectors, academics, as well as international organizations involved in the construction of smart cities.
The agreement, signed by the presidential candidates, seeks to strengthen and promote transparency and access to information, in addition to the management of the Institute for Access to Public Information in El Salvador, attached to the Law on Access to Public Information.
The workshop, conducted by DEPM with USAID and the Institute for Access to Public Information in El Salvador, sought to improve the knowledge and skills of the participating officers to strengthen comprehensive file systems and promote efficient administration.
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