The International Seminar on Municipal Management Modernization provides a dynamic exchange of experiences, good practices and modern management tools for effective governance of local governments in the era of knowledge society.
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51 OAS Policy Roundtable: "Power Shifts in Latin America: Current Trends"s The State of Democracy in the Americas: the Inter-American Democratic Charter in Review Forum on Political and Electoral Reforms in the Dominican Republic
The objective of this event is to discuss the ongoing geopolitical changes in the Hemisphere and how these power shifts are reflected in a new regional diplomatic architecture. Panelists include Laurence Whitehead, Dan Restrepo, and Arturo Sarukhan. Read more... On july 15 and 16 the DSDSM/OAS will host the first of a series of OAS Democracy Workshops in which it will facilitate a discussion and hands on exploration into the Western Hemisphere’s commitment to democratic institutions, values and practices.  Read more... DECO/OAS, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) of the Dominican Republic and International IDEA held a “Dialogue on Draft Legislation on Political Parties and Electoral Reform” in Santo Domingo on May 16 and 17. The event contributed to the discussion among legislators ahead of the debate on proposals concerning these issues.

DEPM facilitates south-south cooperation to develop an address system in Antigua and Barbuda Interamerican Program on Effective Municipal Management DSDSM/OAS meets with Randy Hoback, ParlAmericas President
DEPM has assisted in the development of a project to implement an address system based on its cadastre. The project will also allow this Caribbean country to improve the planning and organization of their elections. The Government of Colombia recently announced their support to the project.  This is an initiative led by the DEPM/SPA and the Governments of Colombia and the United States that aims to provide training and exchange of best practices between high-level local government officials through a combination of academic courses and specialized training in modernization of public administration for local governments.
ParlAmericas and the DSDSM/OAS decided to strenghten their cooperation. The first step of this effort was to open a permanent seat for the Section of Support to Representative Institutions of the OAS in ParlAmericas’ Board of Directors.  

OAS to Support Process of Registration of Haitian Citizens in the Dominican Republic Forum to Strengthen the Regulation of Political Parties and Political Financing in the Caribbean Regional Seminar on Access to Public Information and Transparency organized by DEPM/OAS
The Program for Universal Civil Identity in the Americas (PUICA) offers its expertise to implement the initiative that will also help to achieve the regularization of over 200,000 Haitians workers living in the Dominican Republic through a temporary work visa.  Read more... DECO organized together with International IDEA, a Forum to Strengthen the Regulation of Political Parties and Political Financing in the Caribbean. The event brought together 42 participants, representing electoral management bodies as well as political parties of the region. During the seminar, in which over 300 people participated, experts showcased experiences and lessons learned to authorities responsible of policies and initiatives that promote Transparency and Access to Public Information.  

DECO / OAS accompanied elections in British Columbia, Canada  DEPM/OAS contributes to the 2013 Global Information Technology Report, World Economic Forum DGPE/OAS publishes reports on electronic government
DECO officials participated in the visitors program for the elections in British Columbia. During the visit, they received detailed information on the electoral process and observed the voting process at various polling stations on Election Day. They also had the opportunity to exchange experiences with members of the electoral offices of other Canadian provinces and Australia, among others. The chapter titled E-Government in Latin America: A review of the success in Colombia, Uruguay and Panama, analyzes the situation of those countries regarding reforms implemented to incorporate technologies in Governmental processes. 
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The main purpose of this initiative is to foster the promotion, understanding and training in different aspects of e-government. Additionally, it disseminates knowledge acquired in areas related to digital interaction between citizens and the State, as well as the demand of public information, and citizen involvement in political decisions.  Read more...

Presentation of OAS Electoral Observation Missions Reports in Ecuador and Paraguay DEPM/OAS organizes meeting between Ministers of Guatemala and El Salvador SPA Secretary addresses police from U.S., Canada and Australia at Harvard Law School
On Wednesday May 15, the Electoral Observation Missions reports in Ecuador and Paraguay were presented to the OAS Permanent Council. These reports present recommendations in order to improve electoral processes and systems of host countries.
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Was organized to share good practices and lessons learned from the Program of Institutional Strengthening for the Executive Bodies of El Salvador Read more... Attendees of the law enforcement leadership seminar held at Harvard Law School were leaders of police unions and associations that represent the 50 largest cities in the United States and the 10 largest cities in Canada, as well as representatives from Australia