Chief of Electoral Observation and Political Accompaniment Mission arrives in Paraguay
The Chief of the OAS Electoral Observation and Political Accompaniment Mission in Paraguay, former President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Oscar Arias Sánchez, started today his third visit to the country in preparation for the April 21st General Elections. During his stay, Arias will hold meetings with different political actors, such as civil society, and the international community. On Sunday, Arias will visit voting centers. The OAS Electoral Observation Mission is composed by 68 international observers, which includes specialists in electoral organization, information technology, political financing, gender, as well as political and legal analysis.

Meeting with Civil Registries authorities from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru Workshops on Conflict Transformation and Crisis Management in Guatemala DECO to Prepare Study on Electoral Participation in Central America
PUICA coordinated a meeting between the Civil Registries of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to draft an agreement and an action plan that includes the interoperability between the registries, database verification and registration campaigns in border areas. Read more DSDSM organized two workshops for governors and departmental delegates in Mazatenango (Feb. 19-21) and Cobán (Feb. 25-27), concluding a year-long process to build capacity in peaceful conflict resolution in the Ministry of the Interior DECO / SPA, in cooperation with the University of Laval, Canada, launched a project to develop a socio-demographic profile of the voters in Central America, that would allow the development of recommendations to strengthen the electoral participation of the citizens in region.

DECO / OAS: Contributing to the Discussion on Gender and Elections OAS and President of Paraguay, report positive results from the civil registry campaign in border zones. OAS/DECO Facilitates Cooperation between Paraguay and Dominican Republic
At a seminar on the subject at George Washington University and NDI, DECO / SAP shared product data and thoughts from the implementation of the methodology to mainstream Gender in the Electoral Observation Missions. The Project concluded with 8,184 new registrations with the subsequent production of identifications, as well as the delivery of 3,701 of birth certificates; meaning 97% fulfillment of the established goal. Read more A team of experts from the OAS and the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic has accompanied in recent months the Superior Electoral Tribunal of Paraguay in the operation of the Transmission of Preliminary Electoral Results system.

Seminar on Electoral Reforms in Honduras Civil Registries signed MOU to Promote Civil Registration OAS Electoral Mission in Honduras Makes Post-Election Visit
Representatives of the Secretariat for Political Affairs participated in a forum where a current and comparative approach on the issues dominating the debate on electoral reforms in this country was presented. Under the framework of CLARCIEV, whose Executive Secretariat is headed by PUICA, the Civil Registries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras signed a memorandum of understanding that seeks to eliminate barriers to the registration of natural persons Read more A delegation from the Secretariat of Political Affairs presented key findings and recommendations arising from the Electoral Observation Mission deployed in 2012 to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
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OAS Electoral Technical Mission in Grenada Mayors of Guatemala visited the OAS Office in Washington Panama's Electoral Attorney General visited the OAS
A six-person team composed of specialists in the area of electoral law, electoral statistics and electoral technology held an assessment of the voter registration system. OAS/DECO presented a report on its findings and provided recommendations to the government. The Department for Effective Public Management received the Mayors at the OAS Headquarters in Washington, DC, where the Director presented the different programs to strengthen municipal administration.
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The Panama’s Electoral attorney General met with OAS/DECO to discuss future action steps as part of the proposed project "Classification, Prevention, Investigation and Punishment of Electoral Crimes in Latin America."

OAS co-organized meeting to discuss the ISO International Electoral Standard OAS / DGPE and RENAP open a registration office in Hospital of Chiquimula, Guatemala. Scholarships for Virtual Courses on E-Government, Cadastre and Capacity Building
Electoral experts met in the Dominican Republic to discuss the creation of ISO Electoral norm developed by the Organization of American States (OAS) electoral authorities and representatives of the region. With the inauguration of this registration office, the program fulfilled the established goal for the project, set to end in April 2013. Up to date, the program achieved more than 28.500 birth registries.
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The Virtual Campus launched a call for application for partial scholarships for its online courses in e-government, Capacity Building and Cadastre.
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Statement from the OAS Mission in Paraguay U.S. Relations with Costa Rica E-Gov Course for 150 Bolivian officials
The Chief of the Electoral Observation and Political Accompaniment Mission in Paraguay of the OAS, Oscar Arias Sanchez, completed his second visit to Asunción. During his stay, he heard various viewpoints on the situation in the country just weeks before the general elections on April 21. Read more "For the second time in two years, President Obama will set foot in Central America. The economic ties that bind the United States and Central America are far from insignificant,: declared the OAS Secretary for Political Affairs, Kevin Casas-Zamora.
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The Virtual Campus is pleased to announce the training of 150 officials of Oruro, Bolivia through the Course: Introduction to the Design of E-Government Strategies under the Munet project framework.

Scholarships for Latin American public officials in UNSAM’s Higher Education Program for Government Procurement OAS / IADB start Study on the Impact of Government Procurement Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean. Chile and Costa Rica assist Ecuador in its adherence to the open government partnership
Under the regional component the 'Strengthening of Government Procurement Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean' of INGP and funded by IDRC, 30 scholarships for the Master in Government Procurement will be awarded. The program is scheduled to start on September 2013
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The OAS and the IADB sign contract to develop a Study on the Impact of Government Procurement Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean. The results will be presented during the Ninth Annual INGP Conference in September 2013 and published on INGP’s website

Experts from Chile and Costa Rica met in Quito, Ecuador, to assess Ecuador on its adherence to the open government partnership. The mission was coordinated by Gealc Network, instance driven by the OAS, the IDB and the IDRC.
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