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OAS and European Union Sign an Agreement to Support the Peaceful Resolution of the Belize-Guatemala Territorial Differendum video

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Report of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Ecuador
The EOM/OAS highlights the important participation of the citizens of Ecuador, who exercised their right peacefully and with great civic spirit. At the same time, the Mission recognizes the work of the CNE, which made an important effort to ensure that the electoral process was carried out in conditions of normality. The observers of the Mission were able to witness that the citizens expressed their will at the polls in a free and unhindered manner.
Preliminary Statement of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission on the General Elections in Grenada on February 19, 2013
The OAS/EOM congratulates the people of Grenada for their active participation in this election, reflected in a high voter turnout, and the civil and peaceful manner in which this election was conducted. The OAS/EOM also recognizes the government of Grenada for all the steps taken in the preparation of this election.
Roundtable "International Election Observation: Progress and Challenges", in Washington, D.C.
In light of the OAS Day of Electoral Observation, celebrated on February 4 in accordance with a decision of the Permanent Council, DECO organized a roundtable where experts analyzed the progress and challenges identified in the history of five decades of OAS Electoral Observation Missions.
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OAS Day of Electoral Observation celebrated in Panama
The OAS, the Electoral Tribunal of Panama, and the Justice and Peace Commission of Panama commemorated fifty years of OAS Electoral Observation Missions in the hemisphere, with a panel discussion entitled "The importance of electoral observation to democracy: the case of Panama."
DEPM/SPA participates at the Second International Conference on Titling
During the titling conference, the cadastre area of the DGPE discussed the challenges of government institutions in relation to the housing shortage in Latin America.
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Secretary for Political Affairs visits the Department of Cauca in Colombia
During the visit, the SPA held meetings with mayors, the Ombudsman and representatives of the Public Force, where they exchanged perspectives about the territory and the current context in that Colombian region.
OAS and Ecuador Sign an Agreement on the Electoral Observation Mission for the upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections
The Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of Observers provides the conditions for the work of the Electoral Observation Mission (EOM), which will accompany the presidential and legislative elections on February 17, 2013.
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Civil Registry Mobile Unit delivered in Guatemala 
On Tuesday January 15th, the OAS-PUICA delivered the donation of a vehicle to the National Civil Registry of Guatemala, as part of the Program for the Universalization of Civil Identity in the Americas (PUICA). With this donation, OAS-PUICA continues to support the eradication of under-registration and the delivery of identity cards to the people of Guatemala.
Inter-institutional progress and results in land restitution
In Manizales, the MAPP/OAS accompanied the meeting with several of the institutions in charge of implementing Law 1448, specifically regarding the restitution of land. The meeting had the purpose of sharing experiences on land restitution and recovery
OAS holds meeting in Lima on the management of socio-environmental conflicts
The meeting was held to strengthen the institutional capacities of governments in addressing socio-environmental conflicts, through the exchange of information and the presentation of institutional mechanisms used to deliver solutions to these problems.
OAS Permanent Council Receives Report of the Electoral Observation Mission of the primary elections in Honduras
In the report, Dr. Enrique Correa, Chief of Mission appointed by the OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza, said,"the elections conducted last November 18 represented an important milestone in the return to constitutional order in Honduras, and a major challenge for the electoral body, that was in charge of organizing a complex electoral process."
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OAS and European Union Sign an Agreement to Support the Peaceful Resolution of the Belize-Guatemala Territorial Differendum
The agreement is to support the Peace Fund project, and the implementation of Confidence Building Measures in the OAS Adjacency Zone between Belize and Guatemala.
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OAS presents Training Manual for Workshops for the Identification and Registration of cases of the Early Response and Alert System to the Government of Peru
Within the context of the institutional strengthening project in mediation and dialogue, the OAS delivered the Training Manual for the "Workshops for the Identification and Registration of cases of the Early Response and Alert System" for regional and provincial governors in Peru.
Eight workshops held for the Identification and Registry of cases of the Early Response System (START)
The Mediation and Dialogue Promotion Unit of the DSDME conducted eight workshops, in which over 100 civil servants were trained, including regional and provincial governors of nine regions in Peru.
Presentation of the verbal Report of the OAS/EOM in Nicaragua
On December 19, the head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS in Nicaragua, Lázaro Cárdenas Batel, presented the verbal report of the Mission, which included various recommendations.
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OAS highlights the importance of Parliaments open to the Citizenry and Access to Public Information
During the Second Regional Meeting of the Open Government Partnership: "Challenges and Progress in the Open Government Initiative," in Santiago, Chile, representatives of the SPA discussed the importance of Parliaments that are open to citizens and the importance of access to public information.
OAS participates in the IFES 2012 U.S. Election Program
The event gathered hundreds of election officials, parliamentarians and diplomats from around the world to observe and learn about the U.S. electoral system, as well as discuss elections and voting from an international comparative perspective.
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Publication of documents: “Innovative Experiences in Effective Public Management and Strategies for Regional Cooperation”
The objective of this publication is to present different experiences on key public management issues that were presented by public officials from Chile, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico and Jamaica, and by representatives of other International Organizations.
Secretary for Political Affairs presents proposal to strengthen the SPA
Secretary Casas Zamora presented to the Commission for Judicial and Political Affairs, a proposal to strengthen the Secretariat for Political Affairs.
OAS launches Capacity-Building Initiative to Support Haiti’s Ombudsman Office
The OAS launched in Port-au-Prince an initiative to strengthen the capacity of the Haitian ombudsman office, offering a series of training seminars on conflict analysis, negotiation, and mediation for OPC personnel.
The OAS and the ADSIB promote e-Government in Bolivian municipalities.
The Agency for the Development of the Information Society in Bolivia (ADSIB) and the OAS signed an agreement to apply the Munet e-Government Program in the framework of the “Institutional Strengthening in e-Government for the Oruro Department” Project.
OAS trains public officials of the Office for Citizen Protection in Haiti
In collaboration with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), the OAS trained 48 officials from the Office for Citizen Protection in Haiti in areas such as: conflict analysis, negotiation and mediation.
Workshops for Departmental Delegates and Governors in Guatemala
The workshops on Analysis and Transformation of Conflicts, Dialogue and Crisis management took place in the framework of the process of capacity building in the Ministry of Governance in Guatemala, which so far has trained over 270 officials.
Proposal for the creation of the Inter-American Mechanism of Cooperation for Effective Public Management.
The proposal was presented by the Director of the Department for Effective Public Management (DGPE), Maria Fernanda Trigo, to the Commission for Judicial and Political Affairs and delegates of the Member States
Staff training of the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic
As part of the project to certify services offered by the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic under the International Standard ISO-9001, more than 90 staff members who will be part of the process of professionalization of the institution were trained. Through the implementation of this project, the OAS seeks to support the Board in ensuring that their quality standards are on par with leading institutions worldwide.
MAPP/OAS and the Municipality of Tumaco finalize an integral education project for young afro descendants.
The project consisted of strengthening the communications strategy and training of teachers, professionals, and mothers from the community in themes such as sexual and reproductive education, access to higher education, among other topics. The project also included training programs for public officials and social leaders.

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