Electoral Observation Missions and Recommendations Database

General Information
Chief of Mission Bruce Golding
Deputy Chief Melene Glynn
Election Types Parliamentary, Regional
Observed Topics Electoral Justice, Electoral Organization, Electoral Technology, Gender, Political-Electoral Financing
Observers 17
Donors Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, France, Guatemala, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of, Mexico, Panama, United States of America
Invitation 11/20/2019
Acceptance 11/21/2019
Installation 02/19/2020
Election Date 03/02/2020
Withdrawal 03/14/2020

Observation Team
Core Team
Bruce Golding Jamaica Male Chief of mission
Francisco Guerrero Mexico Male Secretary for Strengthening Democracy (SSD)
Brenda Carolina Santamaria Argentina Female Chief Electoral Observation Section
Melene Glynn Trinidad and Tobago Female Deputy Chief of mission
Martin Huenneke United States of America Male Methodologies Coordinator
Cristina García Casado Spain Female Press Officer
Alex Bravo United States of America Male Electoral Organization and Technology specialist
Westmin Richard Anthony James Trinidad and Tobago Male Electoral Justice Specialist
Rebecca Kuperberg United States of America Female Gender specialist
Ian Rudolph Browne Barbados Male Electoral Registry Specialist
Esther Rodriguez Dominican Republic Female Administrative Specialist
Jean Ricot Dormeus Haiti Male Special Advisor
Paul Spencer Antigua and Barbuda Male Political Finance Specialist

Denis Antoine Canada Male
Ivan Acuña Chaverri Costa Rica Male
Marie Caroline Bernard France Female

Anja María Brenes Solano Costa Rica Female