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OAS Youth Agenda

The OAS Youth Agenda aims to provide young people with leadership skills in order to safeguard their future and the future of the countries in the Hemisphere. It also seeks to generate greater participation of young people in governmental processes. The initiative is conducted in collaboration with other international governmental and non-governmental organizations working on issues that affect young people.

The OAS Youth Agenda is based on 3 pillars: 1) institutionalization of dialogue with youth; 2) capacity building and 3) strengthening institutional development in member states and with the OAS to take into account youth issues.

  • The institutionalization of dialogue with youth aims to reinforce or incorporate a participatory mechanism for youth within the policy framework of the OAS.
  • Capacity building seeks to enhance employability and increase equal opportunity, entrepreneurship, and job creation for youth.
  • The focus of institutional development is to support the role of youth leaders within member states, to encourage the exchange of best practices and to include a youth perspective in the programs and activities of the OAS.

Within the OAS, the Youth Agenda provides greater visibility to the issues and challenges pertaining to youth. For a list of programs and projects executed by the OAS and its affiliated Trusts and autonomous organs please click here.