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Education and Culture

While access to basic education is widespread, 40% of young people do not complete high school. As a result, they miss important opportunities for social and professional advancement and the possibility to become productive citizens and secure a decent future.

In response to this situation, the Department of Human Development, Education and Culture is working with Ministries of Education, universities and other organizations on various projects designed to equip teachers with better tools to educate young children and adolescents. Similarly, the department is implementing the OAS Scholarship Program for Academic Studies and Professional Development, the Education Portal of the Americas and the Pan-American Leo S. Rowe Fund‘s education grants for Studies in the United States.

Through such programs which stimulate and nurture their skills and talents in creative and cultural industries, young people can increase their chances of entering the job market and overcoming adversity.

In the field of culture, the Inter-American Commission on Culture (CIC) is developing programs which engage young people such as “Ignite The Americas”, the Youth Forum on arts policies and the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Youth Orchestras Program which aims to empower at-risk youth in the Caribbean through music.