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Crime and Violence

Children and adolescents in the Americas regularly encounter situations of violence and the violation of their rights. During the First Pan American Forum (Lima, 2009) children and adolescents in the Americas ranked violence as the number one issue of concern. Violence was found to be a product of culture, evident in families, in educational institutions, and in society.

Indeed, while extreme violence provokes indignation and condemnation by society, many forms of daily violence are often tolerated and are even socially acceptable. Furthermore, violence is associated with other forms of rights violation, such as child labor, trafficking in children and adolescents, and violence practiced by youth gangs.

The current challenge for the hemisphere is to implement the recommendations set forth in the Final Report adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on the Study on Violence against Children[1]/. Among the solutions highlighted in the report are the importance of prioritizing violence prevention, promoting non-violent values, and raising awareness to eliminate permissive attitudes towards violence.

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