About the Year

The General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) declared that 2011 would be celebrated as the Inter-American Year of Culture (IAYC) in recognition of the central role that culture plays in the economic, social, and human development of all communities in the Hemisphere. 

In addition to celebrating the diverse cultures of the Americas, this Inter-American Year will lead to the formulation and implementation of public policies, especially for the strengthening of cultural industries and for promoting culture as a tool of social inclusion. Initiatives will aim at providing lasting impact beyond 2011.

The member states will celebrate the Inter-American Year of Culture through activities, projects and programs in accordance with its objectives. The Year will provide opportunities to disseminate national, bi-national and multinational projects and activities, and will promote cooperation and integration among the countries, as well as the dialogue among the diverse cultures of the Americas.

In our richly diverse cultures lies the future of the Americas.