The Secretariat

Executive Office of the Secretary for Political Affairs


  • Advises the General Secretariat and the political bodies of the OAS on all political matters, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Secretary General.
  • Represents the Secretary General in dealings before the political bodies of the OAS and in international missions and meetings.
  • Coordinates the political activities of the OAS and works in conjunction with the member states, the Summit of the Americas process, international organizations, and other entities.
  • Carries out efforts to raise and mobilize external funds to finance and promote its programs, projects, and activities, in coordination with the Resource Mobilization Committee.
  • Prepares reports and performs other tasks assigned by the Secretary General.


Secretary for Political Affairs

  • Dr. Kevin Casas-Zamora

    Dr. Kevin Casas-Zamora
    Dr. Casas-Zamora is currently the Secretary for Political Affairs at the Organization of American States. Previously, he served as Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, in Washington DC. He has also served as Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy and Second Vice-President of Costa Rica. Dr. Casas-Zamora has also been Program Officer of the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, and General Coordinator of the National Human Development Report, Costa Rica, United Nations Program for Development. He received his Law Degree from the University of Costa Rica and MA and Ph.D. in Political Science from the Universities of Essex and Oxford, respectively. He is the author of numerous studies on campaign finance, elections, democratic governance and human security in Latin America. His doctoral thesis, entitled "Paying for Democracy in Latin America: Political Finance and State Subsidies for Parties in Costa Rica and Uruguay", won the Jean Blondel 2004 Prize of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) for the best doctoral thesis Political Science in Europe and was published in 2005 by the ECPR. In 2007, Dr. Casas-Zamora was selected by the World Economic Forum as a member of Young Global Leaders network.

  • Executive Office
    - Marian Vidaurri
    - Yeruti Mendez

  • Specialists:
    - Adriana Rojas
    - Cristina Gutiérrez 
    - Esther Rodriguez 
    - María Fernanda Solano
    - María Fernanda Story 
    - Nubia González 
    - Pedro Verges