Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy (SSD)
Department of Electoral Cooperation and Observation (DECO)

Technology Expo

The Electoral Technology Expo facilitates access to solutions and technological innovations to electoral authorities, which are applicable to the various stages of the electoral process. It is also intended to promote the exchange of best practices.

Both electoral authorities and companies that provide electoral hardware and software are invited to the Expo. Equipment and services used during electoral processes will also be displayed.

This Expo will take place at the Leme Room on the 19th and the 20th of November.

General Information

Sheraton Rio Hotel & Resort
Avenida Niemeyer 121 - Leblon - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, 22450-220 · Brazil
Phone: 55-21-2529-1122

Set-up: November 18th, 2015
Exhibition: November 19th and 20th, 2015
Disassembly: November 20 th, 2015 (starting at 17:00hs)

The official languages of the Organization of American States are English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. The Expo will not have interpretation services. However, exhibitors must be able to communicate at least in one of the official languages to ensure adequate interaction with participants.

Participation Requirements

Please send the participation registry of the enterprise or institution in a letter-headed correspondence. Also, include the acceptance to the guidelines provided, which have to be hand-signed and rubricated by the person authorized to do so.

Please email the following information, with the subject: "Electoral Technology Expo":

1) Letter of commitment for participating companies

2) Registry form

3) A letter-headed list of the entity or enterprise with the names of the exhibitors that will be in charge of the stand during the Expo. Badges will be given out on November 18th at the Hotel, from 09:00am to 6:00pm.

4) A digital logo of the participating company/institution with the following measurements: 30x30cm and with a 300 dpi resolution in either JPEG, PNG and/or GIF format. The logo will be used for signage of the stand.

This communication should be addressed to the Department of Electoral Cooperation and Observation of the Organization of American States. It should be sent by email in a PDF file and by regular mail to:

Yerutí Méndez
Specialist, Department for Cooperation and Electoral Observation
Organization of American States
1889 Street NW – Suite 651
Washington, DC 20006

Technical specifications for the Exhibition Stands and cost for exhibitors

The overall cost for the participants of the Technology Expo will be US$3,000. This cost includes:

• Access to the Electoral Technology Expo
• Participation in social event that will bring together exhibitors and electoral authorities.
• 1 Stand of 2.00 x 2.00 x 2.50 meters
• Badge to identify the exhibitor
• Table / counter
• Outlet
• 2 chairs
• 1 wastebasket

Travel expenses, meals, lodging, transportation of equipment, payments of taxes / customs permits and other costs will be assumed by participating exhibitors.

Assignment and Distribution of Stands

Stands will be assigned by the organizers, taking into account the order in which applications were received alongside the availability of space at the location of the Expo.

Exhibitors who express interest in choosing their stand at the moment of confirming their participation, must pay an extra fee of US$ 500, for a total of US$ 3,500 per stand. In case of renting two or more stands, the extra fee for the selection of space will remain US$ 500 per exhibitor.

The exchange and sharing of stands is not permitted. Only the organizers can make a decision with respect to the aforementioned changes.

- Assignments are subject to modifications based on security or other pressing demands.

- It is not permitted under any circumstances to rent the space under contract.

The exhibitors are responsible for decorating the space with stationary, plotters, products and distinctive merchandising belonging to the exhibitor. The use of banners or signaling outside of the space provided (hallways outside the stand) will not be permitted.

The organizers reserve the right of rejecting adaptations and modifications with the purpose of ensuring the general appearance of the Expo, the security of assistants and exhibitors, particularly the free circulation of people through the location, in addition to other rights it deems appropriate.

Preliminary Distribution of Stands

Mounting and dismounting of exhibition stands

The exhibitors agree to mount their exhibition stands during the hours established. Once the assigned time lapses, the organizer will take any stands that were not occupied by the responsible party, who in term will forfeit the right to participate in the event and to receive any refund.

Setting up of the stands will occur without exception on November 18th 2015, between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Dismounting the stands will occur without exception once the Fair is concluded on November, 20th at 5:00pm.

Once this time passes, the service staff will begin dismounting the stands, furniture, and other items.

The exhibitors may not abandon or dismount their stands, nor pack their material, before the Expo is over.

The exhibitors must provide with proper anticipation the license plate, model and color of the car and the name of the driver and passengers which whom they’ll be entering the area in which they’ll be mounting and dismounting the stands, during the provided timeframe.

Access will only be granted for registered vehicles which should leave once mounting and dismounting is completed. The unpacking of materials will occur only in those areas designated by Hotel administrators.

Each exhibitor will be provided with the time required to accomplish the unpacking of materials determined by the transit of exhibitors registered in the area. At all times, any rules or requirements established by the personnel of the Hotel must be obeyed.

Under no circumstances, are any activities or actions that could damage or alter the Hotel permitted - during the mounting or dismounting of stands - like carpentry, painting, welding or other activities that damage or could damage the Hotel. Any activity that could damage furniture and/or materials provided by the organizers for use by the exhibitors during the Expo is also prohibited.

Any damage caused by the exhibitor to the building and/or other aforementioned objects should be paid for by the exhibitor at a price determined by the damaged party.

Neither the Organization of American States, nor the organizers will be responsible for damages or loses exhibitors who do not comply with the form and time provided for mounting and dismounting may suffer.


The exhibitors should be respectful and cordial to their fellow exhibitors, high-ranking officials, and any personnel in the Hotel.

The exhibitor will be careful not to exceed the limits of its stand, maintaining furniture and published material within the aforementioned limits. If any of the aforementioned items go beyond the assigned limits and obstruct the free circulation, the Organization of American States, through a representative, will remove that item immediately.

The exhibitor must not install sound equipment that may disturb other participants or alter the order of the Expo.

The purpose of the Expo is to exhibit services and products, not the direct selling of services and products to the public.

Exhibitors are discouraged of placing improvised signs outside of their assigned exhibition stand or the exterior of the display such as posters, pamphlets, etc.

Political propaganda or political support that disrupts the Expo is prohibited.


The areas in which the Expo will take place will have security services which will remain present during the whole day with the purpose of preserving order in the area. However, security personnel are not responsible for any material or items that are found in the exhibition stands. The care and conservation of materials during event hours is the responsibility of the exhibitors or the person designated by them to be in charge of the stand, which is why punctuality and proper registration of these people is important.

The identification badge of the visitor or the exhibitor should remain visible during the event as well as during the mounting and dismounting of the exhibition stand.

Cleanup and General Information of the Fair
The organizers will be responsible for the general cleanup of common areas, as well as providing a space for general information during the event. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up inside their own stands.

The exhibitors are required to fulfill their work at the Expo with respect, order, and discipline. Any controversies that may arise with contracted personnel on the part of the exhibitor, whether of a labor, civil, penal or any other legal nature, will not affect under any circumstances the continuation of the event as any demand or responsibility that are part of a labor contract between the exhibitor and its employees are separate from any association with the Organization of American States.

Storage and reception in the host country
The organizers will not provide space for holding or keeping any materials, nor will they be responsible for receiving or dispatching materials to the host country or to the country of origin. Any delay or hold up of the products or materials for exhibition must be handled by the exhibitors with the customs authorities.

It is very important to note that the exhibitor is responsible for any negative action, harm or damage that he or she may cause to a third party. The caring for, guarding of, and conservation of materials and items during event hours is the responsibility of the exhibitors or the individuals designated as responsible for the exhibition stand which requires punctual attendance and registration of said individuals.

In case anyone of the exhibitors incurs in any of the following actions, they must make themselves subject to the sanctions that participants and the Organization of American States determine:

- Does not come to the Expo despite registering their participation to the event.
- Does not mount their exhibition stand during the established time.
- If the person responsible for attending the exhibition stand is not present during event hours once the Expo begins.
- Does not dismount the exhibition stand during the established time or under the terms established by the current guidelines.

The Organization of American States is not responsible for weather conditions, natural phenomenon, or vandalism that may completely or partially damage any materials that are found inside or outside the exhibition stand.

Attention and Services

With the purpose of promoting interest on part of the public present at the Electoral Technology Expo, the exhibiting institutions are invited to:

- Present demonstrations of the equipment, software, and presentation of detailed information of novelties that is readily accessible to the public. The rent of private meeting rooms has an additional cost and may be set up by the organizers.

- Provide the exhibition stand with the sufficient materials for the event, taking into consideration that the organizer reserves the right to remove from the exhibition stand whatever material is not considered appropriate in the Expo.

- Offer kind and respectful attention to all guests.


The Electoral Technology Expo will be announced via:

- Web Page dedicated to the X Inter-American Meeting of Electoral Management Bodies:

- Inclusion of spaces in the official agenda of the Meeting.

- Announcements in an Electronic Bulletin

- Pamphlets at the entrance of the hotel.

- Personalized invitations to the participants of the Meeting.

- Displays at the entrance and hallways of the Hotel.

Participating Members are invited to contribute to the announcements of the Expo through their web pages and preferred publicity mediums.

The exhibitors must comply with the dispositions presented in this document as soon as they formally announce their participation.