Combatting money laundering from the judicial system. Fifth edition. This edition stands out for reflecting the constant evolution that has been taking place in the fight against money laundering from the judicial system since it was published for the first time in in 2003, primarily regarding the new money laundering standards in the international arena, as well as the progress identified in the  jurisprudential debate on the subject, which is reflected in several veredicts of great importance for the region that are referred to in the book.

The book is an updated version based on the most recent studies, debates and jurisprudence collected by Professor Eduardo Fabián Caparrós, Director of the Master's Program "Corruption and Rule of Law" and Coordinator of the Doctorate Program "Legal and economic aspects of corruption", at the University of Salamanca in Spain; the professor of the University of Alicante (Spain), Isidoro Blanco Cordero, expert in economic and financial crimes, organized crime and corruption; and of Dr. Javier Alberto Zaragoza Aguado, Prosecutor and Chief of the National Court of Spain; these authors correctly frame the problem of the fight against organized crime, money laundering and the confiscation of assets of illicit origin. We are also honored to have as an author the distinguished Supreme Court Judge of the Republic of Peru and professor, Dr. Víctor Prado Saldarriaga, who presents the phenomenon of money laundering in emerging countries, with special mention of peripheral and special crimes. Finally, Dr. Gilmar Santander Abril, renowned academic and former money laundering and In-Rem forfeiture Prosecutor, who presents in an exemplary manner with the emancipation that has been given to confiscation in relation to the criminal process, in order to increase the effectiveness of this legal institute without sacrificing the basic guarantees of the rights of contradiction, opposition and defense. (Only available in Spanish).
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