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Immigration and Customs

Project Description

The Immigration and Customs Program aims to provide border control officers the knowledge and skills to more effectively combat drug, human and other forms of illicit trafficking; to improve their controls over the movement of people and goods through their country’s airports, seaports and land border crossings; and to more effectively coordinate with each other, other law enforcement entities, and prosecutors. The current project seeks to address the security situation created by the porous borders in the Caribbean and Central America and the lack of coordination among agencies. In order to achieve this, a series of comprehensive workshops on immigration and customs controls are conducted at the national level throughout the region.

These courses employ numerous experts working in a range of aspects of migration and customs controls, including: behavioral screening, cargo screening, human and drug trafficking, and the detection of fraudulent documents. Additionally, by bringing together officials working on all aspects of border controls, these courses seek to strengthen the institutional and professional relations among all key stakeholder authorities. The CICTE Secretariat carries out its work in coordination with the OAS Department of Public Security (DPS) and Inter- American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD).