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Response to Emerging CBRN Threats: Counter-Terrorism Crisis Management Simulation Exercise on a Biological Attack

Project Description

The objective of this program is to strengthen the capacity of member states to better prepare to respond, in a coordinated manner, to potential bio-terrorist threats. This program is implemented primarily through a series of “table top” (simulation) exercises for senior decision-makers of member states to highlight specific issues of contingency planning and threat mitigation.

Under the area, “Strengthening Strategies for Emerging Terrorist Threats,” the CICTE Secretariat is developing an ongoing program to provide technical and policy coordination assistance to Member States on how to manage a potential terrorist incident

The Project consists of the following three (3) activities:

  • Activity 1: Crisis Management Exercise (TTX). (2.5 day activity)
  • Activity 2: Vulnerability Analysis Evaluation. (2 day activity)
  • Activity 3: Technical Assistance Mission for the Strategic Implementation of a National Plan (2 visits of 2.5 days each)