Scholarships Program

All CICTE Secretariat scholarships are offered via letter conducted through the National Point of Contact (NPC) to CICTE in the specific Member State or the Permanent Mission to the OAS for that Member State.

Note: The candidate must also apply separately to ICAO for acceptance into the course.

For more information please contact Shevaun Culmer

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Aviation Security

Project Description

The Aviation Security Program aims at building the capacity of Member States to comply with the standards and recommended practices set out in the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, its annexes (particularly Annex 17), and other International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendations, with respect to safeguarding international civil aviation and its facilities, to prevent and combat potential acts of terrorism as well as others of unlawful interference. The CICTE Work Plan mandates the Secretariat to identify and provide technical assistance and training to Member States on security-related aviation procedures and improvements to help them meet ICAO standards.

Project Objectives

The CICTE Aviation Security Program achieves its objective in the following ways:

  • National training offered primarily by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), but increasingly with experts from Canada, Israel, and the region
  • Sub-regional training also offered through the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and Canada for counter terrorism and anti-crime topics which facilitate the exchange of best practices
  • Scholarships to aid Member State participation in training workshops conducted by ICAO regionally