Structure and Functions

CICTE is composed of all Member States of the OAS and holds one regular session each year as a forum for discussion and decision-making on counter terrorism issues, measures, and cooperation. Member States designate a competent national authority, a principal representative, alternate representatives, and advisors. Member States also appoint one or more National Points of Contact with competence in the field of prevention and elimination of terrorism to serve as the principal liaison among governments of the Member States and with the CICTE Secretariat for developing cooperation programs.

CICTE has a chair and a vice-chair, elected from among the Member States, whose terms of office last one year.

The OAS Secretary General appoints the Secretary of CICTE to head the Secretariat, located at OAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

In order to fulfill the mandates established in the CICTE Work Plan, the Secretariat:

  • Provides technical and administrative support for the CICTE sessions of the Member States and maintains communication and coordination between sessions
  • Provides technical assistance and training to Member States in response to their needs and requests; and
  • Coordinates with other international, regional, and sub-regional organizations