Themes Concluded (1998-2024)

Immunities of International Organizations

In August 2018, the CJI adopted a “Practical Application Guide on the Jurisdictional Immunities of International Organizations,” as it appears in the corresponding resolution. The Guide was the subject of a reasoned vote of one of the Committee members.

In addressing this topic, the Inter-American Juridical Committee has examined the following background matter over the years:

  • 2015
    CJI/doc.486/15 Immunities of international organizations (presented by Dr. Joel Hernández Garcia)

  • 2016
    CJI/doc.499/16 Immunities of international organizations: second report (Presented by Dr. Joel Hernández Garcia)

  • 2017
    CJI/doc.545/17 rev.1 Immunities of international organizations: document for comments (Presented by Dr. Joel Hernández García)