General Information


The Department of Legal Cooperation provides legal advisory and technical secretariat services to the organs, agencies and entities of the OAS and its committees and working groups for monitoring the implementation of the conventions and legal cooperation processes that are assigned in accordance with the priorities defined by the Member States of the Organization.

In furtherance of the above, the Department provides legal advisory and technical secretariat services to the Conference of State Parties and the Committee of Experts of the MESICIC (Follow-Up Mechanism of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption), within the scope of said Convention and the Inter-American Program of Cooperation to Fight Corruption, in order to strengthen the legal/institutional framework of its Member States for preventing, detecting, investigating and punishing acts of corruption. These are carried out through on-site visits, the formulation of recommendations, following-up on their implementation, identifying needs for cooperation and the exchange of best practices in this area.

In addition, it provides legal advisory and technical secretariat services for the REMJA process (Meetings of Ministers of Justice or Other Ministers or Attorneys General of the Americas), and its Working Groups in areas related to  Legal Cooperation on Criminal Matters and Cyber-Crime. The Department also provides these services to other committees, meetings or other mechanisms established by the REMJA, or connected to it, for coordination or for political and technical dialogue, and takes the necessary action to implement and fulfill their recommendations and decisions.

The Department also provides legal advice for the preparation, discussion and adoption of treaties, model laws, legislative guidelines and other tools of legal cooperation, in the areas covered by the MESICIC and the REMJA.