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XXXI Curso de Derecho Internacional (2004)

“International Law in the Americas: 100 years of the Inter-American Juridical Committee”

ISBN: 0-8270-4763-0
Publication Date: 2005
Number of pages: 484
Language: original language in which the courses were presented
Paper Format: Limited Production

XXXI Course on International Law (2004)

Table of contents

*In order to view and print contents are available in PDF format in original language in which the courses were presented.

Luis Herrera Marcano

Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade

A. Ralph Carnegie

Luiz Felipe Lampreia

Welber Barral

Ana Elizabeth Villalta Vizcarra

Mauricio Herdocia Sacasa

Roberto Ruiz Díaz Labrano

Diego P. Fernández Arroyo

Guy De Vel

Jonathan T. Fried

Cecilia Fresnedo de Aguirre

Daniela Trejos Vargas

Guilhermina Coimbra

Clovis Baptista

Steven T. Kargman