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Inter-American Juridical Committee - February 2015

Inter- American Juridical Committee presents its annual report to the Juridical and Political Comittee of the Permanent Council (CAJP)

On Thursday, February 5, 2015, Dr. David P. Stewart, a member of the Inter-American Juridical Committee, presented the 2014 report of this advisory body on juridical matters of an international nature before the CAJP.

Inter- American Juridical Committee presents its annual report to the Juridical and Political Comittee of the Permanent Council (CAJP)

Among the results achieved in the last year, he noted the adoption of reports in the field of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression; the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for the prevention of drug abuse; border and neighborhood integration; and corporate social responsibility of enterprises in the field of human rights and the environment in the Americas He remarked that in the last two topics, the Committee has elaborated guides composed of concrete proposals for dealing with real problems based on a careful analysis of contemporary trends and relevant legal texts and principles.

In this context, Dr. Stewart suggested that Member States consider the possibility of examining the Model laws submitted by the Committee (one on the protection of cultural property in case of armed conflict and the other on simplified stock companies), and if they meet with approval, to adopt them through a resolution approved by the General Assembly of the OAS. Additionally, recommended the General Assembly will consider taking note of the “Guiding Principles on Corporate Social responsibility”.

In his intervention, Dr. Stewart reiterated the invaluable contribution of responses and answers to questionnaires submitted by member States to the Committee, which allow the rapporteurs know firsthand the situation on particular issues and ensure the usefulness of the worked proposals.
With regard to the budget, Dr. Stewart acknowledged the efforts done by member States in the allocation of funds for 2015.

The representatives of the States present at the meeting thanked the IAJC for the relevance of the issues and consistency, objectivity and seriousness of the work done. Among the comments, there were references to the agreed budget as well as comments and proposals regarding the substantive developments of the topics on the agenda.

Dr. Stewart expressed his pride to participate in a collegial group of the nature of the Committee, whose members work with rigor and professionalism in a space where diverse opinions are respected. He also valued the assistance provided by the staff of the Department of International Law and the Secretariat for Legal Affairs. At the end of his speech, he invited delegations to participate in the next Course on International Law that will take place in August 3-21, 2015, which main theme is "The current inter-American legal agenda".

The Chairman of the Political and Juridical Affairs Committee, Ambassador Stephen Vasciannie, thanked Dr. David P. Stewart for his presentation and praised the variety and relevance of the topics addressed by the IACJ.

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