Project Strategy

To build recognition of international commercial arbitration and its resulting decisions in judicial systems throughout the Americas, particularly to promote the international validity of arbitral decisions. The project will do this by training judges and other public officials on these topics. This should lead to greater public confidence in countries’ markets, as it increases legal certainty as to the enforceability of arbitral decisions. This project will act to.

  • Manage an effective training program that responds to the particular challenges that Member States face in this arena.

  • Create a participatory process that incorporates into the program each country’s contributions, suggestions, experiences, and knowledge from national experts, academics, judges, arbiters, associations, and arbitration facilities, as well as the private sector and civil society.

  • Host sub regional workshops that promote Inter-American and international law on international commercial arbitration, including the legal norms defined by the various sub regional integration treaties on the topic.

  • Incentivize the training of trainers, encouraging workshop participants to replicate the training program locally.

  • Create networks and databases to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the use of modern information technology for information sharing.