Local Replicas

Government officials, members of NGOs, teachers, students, and indigenous representatives are trained by the Department of International Law, based on international standards for the protection of the human rights of the indigenous peoples.

For their part, the participants commit to transmitting the knowledge and experience acquired to their respective communities, schools, or workplaces. Thus, the learning process does not end with the event organized by the OAS. On the contrary, the participants receive technical assistance with organizing "local replicas" of the course.

These replicas take the form of courses, seminars, and workshops organized by the participants, with technical support from the OAS Department of International Law, aimed at publicizing the rights of indigenous peoples in the Americas. Through those replicas, the participants become catalysts, spreading the knowledge they have acquired and tailoring it to their specific circumstances. In this way, more and more awareness is generated of the rights of indigenous peoples, in every nook and cranny of the Americas, among an ever greater number of both indigenous and non-indigenous people, who can use what they have learned to exercise their rights.

Here you will find information regarding the replicas conducted thus far: they tell dozens of stories depicting successful collective experiences of promoting the rights of the indigenous peoples in different countries of the Americas.