Dialogue at the 2009 OAS General Assembly

2009 OAS General AssemblyDialogue on Cooperation between the Heads of Delegation, the OAS Secretary General and the Heads of Delegation of the Permanent Observer Countries
XXXIX Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly - San Pedro Sula, Honduras
June 1, 2009 - 1:00 - 2:30PM
Hotel Intercontinental

On June 1, representatives from 35 Permanent Observer countries met for a luncheon at the Hotel Intercontinental in San Pedro Sula, Honduras with the Heads of Delegation of the 34 Member States of the OAS and the Assistant Secretary General to dialogue on the cooperation between the Permanent Observers and the Organization, as well as to discuss points of interest relating to this topic of this year’s General Assembly, “Toward a Culture of Nonviolence.” The Dialogue began with introductory remarks by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Honduras, Patricia Licona Cubero, who offered her welcome on behalf of Honduras and invited the Permanent Observer participants to exchange opinions and points of view with the Member States and Assistant Secretary General on themes of the Inter-American Agenda. Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin, then provided a brief overview of the role Observers play in the Organization, noting that the Permanent Observers in 2008 contributed a total of US$25.8 million in cash, and US$354,732 in kind – an increase of 21.4% from 2007 – and provided contributions in all areas of the OAS, ranging from democracy promotion, security, human rights and development.

The Dialogue closed with short remarks by Vice Minister Licona and Ambassador Ramdin, who once again lauded the efforts of the Permanent Observers in engaging with the Hemisphere through the Organization’s initiatives, and assured them that their contributions are truly significant to improving the lives of the peoples of the Americas.

Dialogue with Permanent Observers to set standard for 2009-2010 cooperation
May 12, 2009

In the framework of the upcoming XXXIX OAS General Assembly, representatives from the 63 Permanent Observer Missions to the OAS convened in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on June 1 to unveil their plans for cooperation with the OAS for 2009-2010.

At this year’s Dialogue with Permanent Observers at the XXXIX General Assembly, the OAS anticipates receiving the announcement of Permanent Observer contributions in the areas of strengthening democracy, promoting human rights and multidimensional security, as well as ensuring integral development. In the past, the OAS has received significant contributions from Permanent Observers to the MAPP, Peace Fund, Electoral Observation Missions, demining, programs promoting sustainable development, freedom of speech, the modernization of civil registry systems and counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism efforts, among others.

According to the previous General Assembly meetings, Dr. Irene Klinger, Director of the Department of International Affairs, the OAS area charged with maintaining relations with the Permanent Observers, anticipates a positive outcome for this year’s Dialogue. Permanent Observers have signaled a great interest by the Observers to the projects being implemented the OAS technical areas, and to the topic of this year’s Assembly, “Toward a Culture of Non-Violence.” The 2009 Dialogue will be moderated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Honduras, Patricia Isabel Rodas Baca, and will feature opening and closing remarks from Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin ...