Dialogue at the 2007 OAS General Assembly

2007 OAS General AssemblyDialogue between the Heads of Delegation, the OAS Secretary General and the Heads of Delegation of the Permanent Observer Countries
XXXVII Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly, Panama City
June 3 - 5, 2007
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In the framework of the Regular Session of the XXXVII OAS General Assembly, the Department of External Relations coordinated the Dialogue, on June 3, between the Heads of Delegations of the OAS Member States and the Heads of Delegations of the Permanent Observer Countries. Among issues discussed is the theme of the General Assembly: “Energy for Development.”

Pledges announced

Spain: US$8,775,000 =
$4,730,000 – For policy oriented activities in the areas of democracy, human rights, electoral observation missions, fight against terrorism, and support to the peace process in Colombia.
$4,000,000 for cooperation programs, integral development, demining and reconstruction of Haiti.

France: US$ = 170,000
$50,000 – CICAD (Counternarcotics)
$120,000 – CIDH (Human Rights Haiti), CIDH (Freedom of Expression), CICTE (Terrorism), Indigenous Declaration, CIM (Women’s Issues), FONDEM (Natural Disasters), Lecture Series of the Americas

Sweden: US$5 million (2007 total)

Norway: US$2.0 million (2007 total)
Strengthening of Democracy
Human Rights
Good Governance
Electoral Reform
Electoral Observation Mission Guatemala
Strengthening Political Parties
Conflict Prevention through Dialogue

China: US$123,000
$33,000 – CIM – Seminar on Violence Against Women
$15,000 – Art Museum of the Americas
$75,000 – Other projects to be determined

Turkey: US$100,000
Fund for Peace: Peaceful Settlement of Territorial Disputes; Belize/Guatemala Sub-fund

Netherlands: 3 million euros
OAS Mission to support the peace process in Colombia (MAPP OAS)

Korea: US$30,000
$30,000: Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression
Fellowships in E-Trade

Japan: US$86,000
Electoral Observation Mission- Guatemala

Austria: US$60,000
Sustainable Fresh Water Management Project

Israel: US$1 million over three years (in-kind contribution in the form of training and experts)
Young Americas Business Trust (YABT)

Germany: 500,000 euros
OAS Activities in support of indigenous peoples in the Americas

Greece: US$30,000
Strengthening of Democracy, Human Rights and the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons

Italy: over 243,000 euros
more than 50,000 - Support to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in its work on Colombia
about 24,000 - Freedom of expression in the Americas
over 20,000 - Promoting and protecting human rights in Central America
over 21,000 - Action Against Antipersonnel Mines Program (AICMA) - Humanitarian Demining in Nicaragua
14,000 - Action Against Antipersonnel Mines Program (AICMA) - Humanitarian Demining in Ecuador-Peru
14,000 - Action Against Antipersonnel Mines Program (AICMA) - Humanitarian Demining Group in Colombia
100,000 - Additional Humanitarian Demining programs


Finland: US$300,000 total 2007

Jun 3, 2007

PANAMA CITY, Panama— Representatives of the 60 countries that are Permanent Observers to the Organization of American States (OAS) reiterated their unconditional support of efforts the OAS is undertaking in such critical areas as promoting peace, regional security, social progress and freedom of expression, fostering integration, addressing energy issues and developing an inter-American agenda.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Panama, Ricardo Durán, chaired the meeting with representatives of observer countries, who announced new donations to the OAS totaling some $23 million over the coming years. OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza spoke at the close of the meeting, which was held just hours before the General Assembly was to open in the Panamanian capital to examine the issue of Energy for Sustainable Development.
Representatives of 18 observer nations spoke during the meeting with General Assembly Heads of Delegation, thanking the OAS for its efforts in the region and for the opportunity to support and contribute to specific programs designed to strengthen democracy, peace and development.

Welcoming the observer delegates on behalf of his government, the Panamanian Deputy Foreign Minister said their participation is an indication of how the Western Hemisphere is working more closely with partners outside the region to improve the lives of citizens of the Americas. “Panama is a clear example of the success that can be possible through this type of alliance for cooperation, having witnessed firsthand the positive results of working together with partners around the world,” Durán said.

He stressed that in this era of globalization, more opportunities than ever are available to increase the dialogue between the Americas and Europe, Africa and Asia on key issues of mutual interest and concern.

Secretary General Insulza, for his part, underscored the important role of OAS observer countries, noting that they contribute to the Organization’s work with their ideas and their financial support. He thanked them for the commitments they had announced, as well as for their “renewed and significant support for OAS programs and projects.” ...