Dialogue at the 2006 OAS General Assembly

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XXXVI Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly, Dominican Republic
June 2-7, 2006

In preparation for the XXXVI Regular Session of OAS General Assembly, the Department of External Relations organized a Dialogue between the delegations of the Permanent Observer countries and the delegations of the OAS Member States. On this occasion, a number of Permanent Observer Countries reaffirmed their support to the OAS, and announced new pledges. This Dialogue took place on June 4, at 10:15 am at the Auditorium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santo Domingo.

Pledges announced


Reaffirmed its financial support to the OAS Special Mission in Haiti (no specific amounts rendered)

Announced its financial support to the MAPP/OAS (Special Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia) in the amount of US$1 million (one million US dollars)

Announced US$190,000 (one hundred and ninety thousand US dollars) for the Inter-American Human Rights Court

Announced US$250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars) to the “Decentralization of Drug Policies in the Andean Countries Project; 2005-2007) managed by CICAD (Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission).

Announced the establishment of a “Spanish Fund for the OAS”, which would be US$2.5 million (two and a half million US dollars) in 2006, and would grow in 2007.


Announced a total contribution in 2006 of $246,000 euros (two hundred and forty six thousand euros), which would be distributed as follows:

- 106,000 euros for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, specifically to support its work in Haiti
- 100,000 euros to support the following programs:
o Inter-American Forum on Political Parties
o Justice Administration Reform in Haiti
o Declaration of Indigenous Peoples
o OAS Peace Fund
o OAS Emergency Fund for Natural Disasters
o Participation of an expert in the work of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism and the participation of one professor in the annual International Law Seminar in Rio de Janeiro.
- 40,000 euros for the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)


Announced a total amount of $400,000 euros (four hundred thousand euros) to the following projects:

- The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
o 27,000 euros to promote human rights in Central America
o 42,000 euros to promote human rights in the Andean countries

- 42,000 euros to support the American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
- Action Against Antipersonnel Mines Program (AICMA)
o 42,000 euros for the Explosive Remnants of War and Munitions Disposal Project (Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala)
o 6,000 euros Humanitarian Demining Operations in Colombia
o 9,000 euros Humanitarian Mine Action Program Ecuador
o 6,000 euros Humanitarian Demining in Nicaragua
o 19,000 euros Humanitarian Demining in Peru
o 100,000 euros Demining programs in Central America
o 100,000 euros Demining programs in Chile


- Announced a total contribution of US$ 5 million (five million US dollars) for 2006. The main donor to the OAS.
- Indicated that it intends to sign a cooperation agreement with Secretary General Insulza during his visit to Stockholm on June 14.



- Stated that it is the second largest contributor among the Permanent Observer countries to the OAS.
- Indicated that during the period 2002-2008, will have channeled through the OAS around US$5 million (five million US dollars) to programs related to conflict resolution, political management and demining in Guatemala
- Announced that it will provide financial support to the OAS for election monitoring of the elections in Nicaragua.


- Announced US$200,000 (two hundred thousand US dollars) in 2006
- Indicated that the first US$100,000 will be directed at supporting projects managed by the Inter-American Commission on Women, Disaster Mitigation, and Promotion of Trade Facilitation.
- Pledged an additional US$50,000 (fifty thousand US dollars) to sponsor the Second Meeting of Government Spokespersons of the Americas.
- Indicated that it will increase the number of scholarships it offers yearly through the OAS to citizens of the Member States to study the Chinese language in China.


- Announced US$20,000 (twenty thousand US dollars) to support OAS efforts in promoting and strengthening democracy and observing human rights in the region.


- Announced US$10,000 (ten thousand US dollars) for the OAS Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia to verify the demobilization of illegal armed groups.


- Announced US$100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) in in-kind contributions in the form of training and sharing of expertise.


- Announced unspecified financial contributions to the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE); the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD); Americas Magazine; and the Art Museum of the Americas. The Turkish delegation informed the Department of External Relations unofficially that the total amount of contributions to the OAS in 2006 would be US$12,000 (twelve thousand US dollars), which would be distributed evenly among the four above-mentioned areas (US$4,000 each)


- The German delegation delivered Minister Steinmeier's letter to Secretary General Insulza and informed the Department of External Relations of their decision to support with US$20,000 the OAS-Project proposal "Building Democratic Governance through Political Party Modernization in Latin America", and to cooperate with OAS in the area of Small Arms and Light Weapons, based on the project recently submitted to them. Other project proposals submitted (CICAD and indigenous) are under consideration by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation.


- Announced 15 Fellowships for citizens of the OAS Member States to attend a course on “e-trade and export promotion”.

Jun 4, 2006

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic—Delegates representing the member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) met this morning with three groups that, through different types of endeavors, support the work of the OAS in the region. The discussions with the private sector, permanent observers and representatives of civil society took place in the context of the thirty-sixth regular session of the OAS General Assembly, which opens formally tonight.

The Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Carlos Morales Troncoso, chaired the three meetings, accompanied by OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza and Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin. These dialogue sessions have become a traditional part of the annual General Assembly, helping to enrich the foreign ministers’ debates.


Dialogue of Heads of Delegation with Permanent Observers

In meeting with OAS Permanent Observers, Secretary General Insulza recognized their important support in the past year. Financial contributions from observer countries totaled $11.7 million, and other contributions such as equipment and scholarships amounted to $520,000. The donations support OAS programs in democracy, human rights, conflict resolution, drug abuse control and sustainable development, among other areas, the Secretary General explained.

“These contributions have helped us to be more effective and more active in areas that are important for the life of the Organization,” Insulza said. However, the Secretary General noted the need to create mechanisms for more direct links with the observers. “We should make an effort to review this situation and to have a mechanism that allows us to recognize much more efficiently and clearly the countries that have collaborated with us the most, especially in difficult times for the Organization,” he said.

The Permanent Observer of Spain, Ambassador Juan Manuel Romero de Terreros, expressed his country’s commitment to OAS principles and called for strengthening multilateral avenues to face the urgent challenges that arise in the region. The Spanish diplomat stressed the role of the OAS “in promoting and defending democracy, preventing conflicts, respecting human rights and international law, fighting drugs and organized crime, defending the environment, and combating poverty and social exclusion.”

For her part, Swedish Ambassador Lena Nordstrom noted that the OAS has become increasingly important in the integration of the Americas, and said Sweden is committed to continue supporting these efforts. Representatives of other observer countries also spoke at the meeting, including China, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Nigeria, Norway, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey ...