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To date, permanent observer status has been granted to 59 states and the European Union. Of this number, approximately 21 contribute to OAS programs on a regular basis and an additional seven contribute sporadically.

The permanent observers provide assistance and cooperation for various OAS programs in the form of cash contributions, training courses, experts, specialized services, and the donation of equipment. The principal areas to which these countries provide support are: the promotion of democracy, human rights, demining, conflict resolution, efforts against drug trafficking, and sustainable development and the environment, among others.

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Origin of funds 1999-2005

In the past seven years, the permanent observers have contributed more than US$68 million in cash to the Organization’s activities and programs. Of this amount, more than 55 percent has been donated by the Governments of Sweden ($25.4 million) and Norway ($12.6 million), primarily for programs related to the promotion of democracy and demining in the region. Another 41 percent of the contributions have come from The Netherlands, Spain, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Japan, Italy, and France. In other words, these 10 observers have contributed 96 percent of the total amount of contributions made to the Organization since 1999.

Similarly, in the past seven years, the Organization has received the equivalent of US$6.9 million in contributions in kind from Spain, Israel, Korea, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, and Thailand, primarily in training scholarships and in the form of equipment, computers, and vehicles.

2005 Contributions


In 2005, the Organization received cash contributions totaling about US$11.6 million from the following permanent observers: China, Denmark, the European Union, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Of the contributions received in 2005, 40 percent came from Sweden, 18 percent from Norway, 15 percent from the Netherlands, and 8 percent from the European Union. Together the other 12 countries contributed 19 percent of the total received in 2005.
During the same period, an in-kind contribution was received from Korea for the Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (MAPP OAS), in the form of computers and other office equipment valued at approximately $US110,000. Similarly, France sent an expert on money laundering from its Ministry of the Interior to support the work of CICAD (contribution equivalent to US$96,000).

Programs that received donations

The areas that most benefited from the contributions were: the Department of Democratic and Political Affairs (69%), the Department of Multidimensional Security (15%), and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (12%). The Office of Education, Science, and Technology; the Department of Communications and External Relations; the Inter-American Commission of Women; the Inter-American Children's Institute; the Summits Secretariat; the Office of Legal Cooperation; the Office of Sustainable Development and Environment; and the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development also received contributions but in lesser amounts (4%).


Permanent observer status was established in 1972 to foster cooperative relations with non-member states that participated in the Organization’s programs. In point of fact, during the 1970s and 1980s, most of the permanent observers supported OAS efforts primarily in the area of technical cooperation, by providing scholarships, training courses, and experts.

However, the restoration of democracy in Latin America in the 1990s led to a radical shift. The permanent observers became interested in supporting the Organization’s programs geared primarily toward the promotion of democracy, the protection of human rights, conflict resolution, and regional security.

Likewise, global political and economic realities in the last decade have prompted developed as well as small and emerging countries to obtain permanent observer status since, as they are not broadly represented in the region through their diplomatic missions, they see the OAS as an instrument for strengthening their ties with the OAS member states, becoming more familiar with the hemispheric agenda, and playing a more active role in regional activities. Some 50 percent of the permanent observers requested permanent observer status in the last 10 years.

Priority lines of action for the future

Although the Nordic countries, the European Union, and the Netherlands have been the most generous to the Organization, the donations of these countries—as well as others—should be much greater.

Measures are therefore being taken to strengthen ties with the donor countries in order to consolidate and increase existing cooperation and identify new areas of common interest and additional opportunities for cooperation, as well as to demonstrate the comparative advantages and the complementary nature of multilateral donations in their bilateral efforts, reinforce the presence of the OAS as the principal political forum in the region, and ensure the quality and efficiency of OAS action, and appropriate project implementation and reporting. The OAS will thus be seen as an effective and reliable conduit for the Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by the principal and other donors.


SWEDEN IACHR -Follow-up of Demobilization Process in Colombia 181,922 4,707,846
IACHR- Rapporteurship for Freedom of Expression 65,537
DDPA – Electoral Observation Mission Bolivia 2005 100,276
DDPA – Electoral Program Support 953,721
DDPA – MAPP OAS Colombia 92,559
DDPA – Modernization and Legislative Agenda of Congress 634,100
DDPA – Political Management Guatemala 421,734
DDPA –Electoral System Guatemala 2005-2007 350,834
DDPA –Modernization of Electoral System in Guatemala 59,024
DDPA – Support to Rural Judicial Facilitators 1,438,393
DMS – Demining PADCA Nicaragua 409,746
NORWAY OSF – Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 39,749 2,112,651
DDPA – Conflict Resolution Program Guatemala 542,205
DDPA – Electoral Observation Mission Venezuela 2005 107,159
DDPA – Political Management Guatemala 542,081
DDPA – Special Mission Strengthening Democracy in Haiti 157,376
DMS – Demining AICMA/PADCA NI F04 506,969
DMS – Demining PADCA Guatemala 214,136
SEDI – Special Ports Program 976
IIN/IACI – Children’s Rights Videos 2,000
NETHERLANDS DDPA - Inter-American Forum on Political Parties 10,004 1,744,109
DDPA – Electoral Observation Mission Bolivia 94,955
DDPA – MAPP OAS 1,500,000
DDPA – Political Management Guatemala 139,150
EUROPEAN UNION IACHR - Strengthening Access to Justice in Americas (Phase II) 512,414 913,917
OSDE– Integration of Sustainable Development to RTA’s 108,271
SPAIN IACHR – Strengthening System of IACHR’s Cases 238,790 540,682
DMS – CICAD- Decentralization of National Drug Plan 237,440
OEST – Development of Micro & Small Business 48,987
SEDI – Special Ports Program 15,465
UNITED KINGDOM DDPA – Fund for Peace – Belize/Guatemala Subfund 492,140 492,140
ITALY IACHR – Promoting HR Education in the Caribbean 61,950 317,555
IACHR – Rapporteurship Rights Indigenous People 61,950
IACHR – Rapporteurship Rights Persons Deprived of Freedom 61,950
IACHR – Strengthening System of IACHR’s cases 22,618
DDPA – Political Party Focus on Haiti 61,985
DDPA – Special Mission Strengthening Democracy in Haiti 19,455
DMS – Demining 27,647
IRELAND DDPA – MAPP OAS Colombia 155,996 311,971
IACHR – Support to Colombia 155,975
CHINA DCER – Americas Magazine 3,200 200,000
DCER – Art Museum of the Americas 20,000
IIN/IACI – Children’s Videogame Project 25,000
DCER – Lecture Series of the Americas 40,000
DCER – Meeting of Government Spokespersons of Americas 60,000
CIM – Gender Training Course 30,000
CIFTA – Experts Meeting 21,800
DENMARK DDPA – Electoral Observation Mission Bolivia 2005 100,000 150,000
DDPA – Electoral Observation Mission Honduras 2005 50,000
KOREA DDPA – Electoral Observation Mission Honduras 2005 20,000 50,000
DDPA – Electoral Observation Mission Venezuela 2005 30,000
FRANCE DMS – CICAD General Fund 47,468 47,468
GREECE DCER – Lecture Series 15,000 30,000
DCER – Meeting of Government Spokespersons of Americas 15,000
TURKEY DCER – Art Museum of the Americas 6,000 12,200
DCER – Americas Magazine 3,200
DMS - CICTE 3,000
QATAR DCER – Art Museum of the Americas 10,000 10,000
GERMANY OEST -PBT 9,500 9,500
TOTAL: 11,650,039

IACHR: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
DDPA: Department of Democratic and Political Affairs
DMS: Department of Multidimensional Security
OSF: Office of Summit Follow-Up
SEDI: Executive Secretariat for Integral Development
OEST: Office of Education, Science, and Technology
DCER: Department of Communications and External Relations
CIM: Inter-American Commission on Women
CIFTA: Inter-American Convention against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition,
Explosives, and other related Materials
IIN: Inter-American Children´s Institute
OSDE: Office of Sustainable Development and Environment



SPAIN OEST: Fellowships and Training $270,400 Fellowships, Training and Experts 270,400
KOREA DDPA: MAPP/OAS Colombia 110,000 in Equipment 110,000
FRANCE DMS: CICAD: Anti-Money Laundering Support 96,000 provision of a Money Laundering Specialist 96,000
CHINA OEST: Fellowhships and Training $40,000 Language Programs 40,000
TOTAL:   516,400