Project Reporting Database: DHDEE

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OAS Academic Scholarship Program The OAS Academic Scholarship Program supports the integral development of OAS members states by granting scholarships to students of the Americas for the pursuit of master’s degrees, doctoral degrees and research leading to a degree, as well as the last two years of bachelor's degrees for students from English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean member states, in priority development areas identified by member states. Hemispheric 2013-2014
Academic Cycle:
OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC) (Scholarship Program) PAEC is an innovative partnerships program intended to tap into scholarships, tuition waivers and other offers made by governments and educational institutions around the world.PAEC allows the OAS to cooperate with different institutions to provide citizens of member states with greater access to quality higher education opportunities including academic degrees, professional development and technical/vocational training. Hemispheric PAEC L/Aca 2016 2015:$71,960,000  2010
Professional Development Scholarship Program (PDSP) PDSP supports the integral development of OAS member states by awarding scholarships for participation in professional development training in priority development areas identified by member states. Hemispheric 2013: $552,571.09* 1962
Educational Portal of the Americas The Educational Portal of the Americas (EPA) works in support of ICT-based education by offering online training opportunities to citizens of OAS members states. The EPA has provided thousands of citizens with access to affordable higher education, with particular emphasis on raising the quality of education and the innovative use of ICTs in learning processes for teachers, teacher educators, policy makers, civil society leaders, researchers, and university professors in the hemisphere. Hemispheric 2015: $300,00 2001
Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund The Rowe Fund awards interest-free loans to deserving citizens from Latin American and Caribbean OAS member states to help finance their studies or research at universities in the United States and grants subsidized interest-bearing educational and emergency loans to OAS staff members. Regional: Latin America and Caribbean 2013 loans granted: $955,166; 2013 loans managed: $2,214,233 1948
Inter-American Network for Labor Administration (RIAL) The RIAL seeks to strengthen the institutional and human capacities of ministries of labor of the Americas through cooperation and technical assistance. Hemispheric $2,300,000 (represents the original value of the RIAL fund; the vaue of the fund continues to increase as member states make additional voluntary financial contributions. ) 2006
Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN) ITEN goal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education in the Americas by promoting knowledge exchange, capacity building and technical assistance, through the use of virtual tools and in-person activities. Hemispheric $ 2006

*Program values for the Academic Scholarship Program, PAEC, and PDSP include OAS contribution, partner contribution, and estimated student contribution.

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