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Versión Español | May 2014



OAS-SEDI: Forging New Partnerships for Development

Washington, DC. April 28, 2014
OAS Partnership for Development Fund (FEMCIDI) to fund new programs in the area of tourism and cultureOAS – China Scholarship Program Selects 2014 Candidates. A total of 15 citizens from OAS Member States will receive scholarships covering registration, tuition, books and study materials, accommodation, subsistence, medical insurance and local transportation for the duration of their program in China. The OAS and the Government of China partnered in 2009 to offer scholarships opportunities to citizens of the Americas under the Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC) OAS-China Scholarship Program, which has already benefited 41 students of the Hemisphere. The list of the selected scholarship recipients has been announced and studies will begin in September 2014.

Washington, DC. April 30, 2014
•	OAS-SEDI supports the regional competition: "Schools with a Sustainable Future" RallyOAS - Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE) partner to promote financial inclusion. The agreement signed between both institutions sets the stage for working together in supporting and promoting financial inclusion programming in Latin America and the Caribbean. Specifically, the OAS and CFE will work with Member States to conduct an assessment and analysis of existing programs and institutional support provided in the area of financial empowerment. Technical assistance offered by the CFE includes the design of financial training programs and an assessment of their impact in peoples’ livelihoods.

Washington, DC. May 05, 2014
OAS Partnership for Development Fund (FEMCIDI) to fund new programs in the area of tourism and cultureOAS - PADF to work together to prevent and reduce the impact of natural disasters. The OAS will strengthen its collaboration with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) to create mechanisms that prevent and reduce the impact of natural disasters in populations in situations of vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean. Available tools include the Inter-American Network for Disaster Mitigation (INDM) and the Inter-American Plan for Disaster Prevention and Response and the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance. The agreement will promote community-centered and local government-driven solutions and facilitate a stronger and more coordinated participation of civil society, the local private sector and citizens.


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