FEMCIDI Realigment

In 2010, the Member States of the OAS conducted a thorough review of FEMCIDI and agreed to realign the Fund along Programmatic axes, with a view to meeting the following objectives:

  • Ensuring a direct link between the priorities set by the member states’ top-level political bodies and the Fund’s cooperation activities,
  • Assuring that all member states that participate in multinational projects are able to participate in the development, execution, evaluation of the activities;
  • Financing cooperation activities at the hemispheric, regional, or sub-regional levels, with the possibility of including national projects in response to particular circumstances affecting a country;
  • Optimizing the use of FEMCIDI’s financial resources and multiply the effect of the member countries’ contributions with external funds;
  • Guaranteeing a specific, visible, and measurable impact through a process of constant coordination, monitoring, and evaluation, and,
  • Encouraging the transfer of experiences and successful practices through different forms of cooperation (horizontal, south-south, triangular, others).