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Discovering Dominica with FEMCIDI

  Financed by the OAS Partnership for Development Fund (FEMCIDI) and executed by Discover Dominica Authority, this video highlights the incredibly vast landscape and diverse environment of Dominica as well as the tremendous efforts by Dominica and FEMCIDI Members to highlight the many opportunities Dominica has in the Tourism sector. This video is part of a project, aimed at increasing public awareness and participation in tourism development; and marks significant movement toward highlighting, improving and providing greater levels of understanding, engagement and dialogue centered on Dominica's tourism sector, its significance to the country's economy and its impact on the majority of its population.

MARCH 2012

FEMCIDI: Finding Innovative Ways to Reuse and Reduce Waste within the Leather Tanning Industry

Leather Tanning Industry
The OAS Partnership for Development Fund (FEMCIDI) has financed the project “Finding Innovative Ways to Reuse and Reduce Waste within the Leather Tanning Industry,” to improve the environmental conditions in many Latin American countries that have been degraded from the leather- tanning and other similar industries. This project decreases the amount of waste created through these processes and transforms them into valuable components of fertilizers.

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FEMCIDI: Cradling Ecuador’s production sector to sustainability

c2cThe OAS Partnership for Development Fund (FEMCIDI) has provided the seed funding for the “Closed Looped Cycle Production in the Americas Initiative” to increase the productivity of small and medium size enterprises in Ecuador. This is done through the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) design which rationalizes the use of materials and resources so that a product can be used again.

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FEMCIDI Project Publishes Manual Giving Salvadoran Teachers Greater Tools to Teach Visually Impaired Students

In their efforts to better incorporate handicapped youth in the public school system in El Salvador, the FEMCIDI financed “School Inclusion Program” has published a manual on typhotechnology to better serve the nation’s visually impaired students as well as their teachers.

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Strengthening Community Tourism in Guatemala

The OAS Partnership for Development Fund (FEMCIDI) funded the Community Tourism Project in Guatemala that aimed at strengthening the community tourism industry in order to positively impact local communities through job creation. Thanks to this initiative new jobs were created, living standards were improved and emigration to the cities decreased.

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