How are projects presented to FEMCIDI?
  • The first stage in the process is to present a project concept, which describes the objective, methodology, and ability to meet the objective; the contribution to be made by the project towards regional†development; and the approximate amount required to finance the project. It has to comply with the Programmatic Approach of each area. The deadline for presenting the project concepts†varies by†area.
  • Once all concepts have been submitted, a Design Meeting will be held to crate a framework program and define the project concepts that will continue to the next phase of the process.
  • During this second stage of the programming cycle, interactive consultations will take place between the proponents of the projects and FEMCIDI in order to improve the quality of the project, as well as apply the best practices and the expertise of other national and international organizations.
  • The third and last stage will consist of a technical evaluation of each project proposal by the Non- permanent Specialized Committees (CENPES), which are composed of specialists elected each year to comply with this function.
What are the priority areas for project financing?

The Strategic Plan for Partnership for Development 2006-2009, establishes eight priority areas of action, which aim at achieving an innovative impact on the development of the countries in the region.

Areas being executed up to date:

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Scientific Development, and Exchange and Transfer of Technology
  • Sustainable Development of Tourism
The following areas will be implemented during the next cycles:
  • Economic Diversification and Integration, Trade Liberalization and Market Access
  • Social Development
  • Sustainable Development and Environment


The concepts must fall within the delineated area and must have a close relation to the Programmatic Approaches. Any concept which does not comply with this prerequisite won't be able to continue in the process.

The projects submitted to FEMCIDI should directly relate to the most important development needs of the country or region, and should incorporate in their formulation, implementation, and evaluation, where possible, the following:
  • Civil society participation;
  • Environmental considerations;
  • The development of human resources; and
  • Gender equality and equity

The activities financed by FEMCIDI should also include strategies for co-financing, self-sustainability, and mobilization of external resources.

Who may present project proposals to FEMCIDI?

  • Institutions of the member states. Institutions are defined as legally constituted entities of the public sector and not for profit private entities.
  • Institutions who wish to present projects should contact their respective National Liason Office (ONE). The ONE will disseminate its internal procedures for providing official support to the proposal. The ONE will also provide information regarding the mechanisms and stages needed to formulate project proposals.
  • The project concepts must be submitted through the Permanent Mission of the country to the OAS.
What types of projects are financed?

Regional (3 or more countries) or†Hemispheric†projects.

What is the duration of the projects?
  • Projects may have a three year maximum duration.
  • Proposals for multi-year projects should clearly specify the time needed to meet their development objectives.

What types of projects or expenses are not financed by FEMCIDI?

  • One time events with no follow-up activity;
  • Commercial initiatives on the part of a single firm to secure a contract;
  • Financing of OAS career staff, consultants hired by the OAS, overhead and general support services of the OAS, or activities financed by the Regular Fund of the OAS;
  • Financing for public sector employees or overhead and general support services in public sector institutions;
  • Financing for temporary or contracted personnel beyond the time limits specified by the activity or beyond eleven months,
  • Funding for construction, vehicles;
Where can I find additional information regarding FEMCIDI projects?

Go to the FEMCIDI's Project Database†

The Offices of the OAS General Secretariat in the member states can provide additional information regarding the programming cycle of FEMCIDI projects.

You may also contact FEMCIDI directly at (FEMCIDI@oas.org)