How to Apply

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The Fund is going through a realignment process; therefore the structure has been changed and will not follow the same approach and calendar as previous years.

The new structure of the fund is centered on a results-based Programmatic Approach. For each sectoral area, up to 2 Key Topics will have to be defined and will form the basis for the development of the Programmatic Approaches.

The Fund will be working under the Education, Culture, Science and Technology and Tourism thematic areas. The call for proposals on each topic will be published in our web page and delivered to our National Liaison Offices as soon as the guidelines are approved.

How can you get funding and access to FEMCIDI services?

Step 1:

Project concepts are presented to designated government offices (National Liaison Office)

Step 2:

The selected concepts are sent to the OAS by the deadline established for each area. (the deadlines for each area will be published as soon as they are set)

Step 3: The OAS and the Inter-American Committees reviews concepts and determines which projects best fit the Programmatic approaches.
Step 4:

Full proposals are developed with the support of FEMCIDI Staff, and a committee of experts from OAS countries evaluates the projects and makes recommendations on their financing.

Step 5: The recommended proposals are sent to the Management Board of the Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD) for approval.