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The General Norms for the preparation of the periodic reports under the Protocol of San Salvador, approved by Resolution AG/RES. 2074 (XXXV-O/05), state that: 

The reports submitted by the states parties to the Protocol shall be examined by a working group that will function in the framework of Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI). This Working Group shall issue such general recommendations, as it deems pertinent. It will prepare its own rules of procedure and the General Secretariat shall provide the assistance necessary for it to carry out its activities.

Informe Reports of Activities (Available in Spanish)

Other Activities of the Working Group

Period of Sessions



The Working Group was constituted following the parameters established under Resolution AG/RES. 2262 (XXXVII-O/07) with the designation of its members and it is considered operational since March 2010. Its current members are:




Government Experts

Carola Iñíguez Zambrano


Elected Member

Flávia Piovesan


Elected Member

Paola Buendía García


Elected Member

Andrés Scagliola


Elected Member


Independent Expert

Laura Pautassi


Elected Member

Laura Elisa Pérez


Elected Member

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Paulo Vannuchi


Elected Member


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