ReefFix: An Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Ecosystem Services Valuation and Capacity Building Project for the Caribbean

Fee Harmonization Case Study For OECS Countries

The fee harmonization case study for sailing and motor yachts is intended to complete a comprehensive, harmonized and consistent yachting fee structure for the OECS. In keeping with the ReefFix project, extensive consultations will be undertaken with both government and industry to ensure a fee policy has support, can be cost effective in implementing and supports the establishment and management of existing and proposed marine protected areas. In addition, a marketing strategy will be developed to achieve a balance between increased visitation and associated impacts so that the very marine protected areas and environments that yachters seek and cherish are protected.

Data collected will include all cruising, entry and permit fees currently established through regulated fees schedules for existing marine protected areas, the legislation establishing those fees, services provided at each marine protected area, surveys done in the OECS countries on willingness to pay and existing marketing initiatives by the OECS countries and the yachting industry. In addition, reports and publications on the yachting sector in the Caribbean will be reviewed for context.

Case Study Results
Document Title
Inception Report and Work Plan Document
Study Report Available in April 2014