Juan Cruz Monticelli

Juan-Cruz works with the Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States since 1999. His experience includes the work with OAS Member States geared to expand the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Previously, he worked on integrated water resources management and regional planning in Latin America and the Caribbean. He contributed to the development of civil society participation policies for the Inter-American Strategy for Public Participation. Juan-Cruz wrote several project proposals and papers relating to water management, biodiversity and the environmental aspects of economic integration and trade liberalization.

In 2001, Juan-Cruz worked with the World Bank’s Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development and International Law Group in the preparation of a compendium of participatory environmental legislations and institutions in Latin America, the Caribbean Region, and Africa. He also worked with the Inter-American Development Bank in the comparative analysis of the regulations of the Administrative Tribunals of international organizations.

Juan-Cruz has a Law degree from the Universidad Católica Argentina and a Master of Laws degree from George Washington University, where he specialized in Intellectual Property. While attending Law School in Argentina, Juan-Cruz worked as a Registry Officer in a Court of Justice. Before he moved to the United States, Juan-Cruz lived in Buenos Aires, where he practiced law and represented clients in commercial and civil matters. Juan-Cruz is fluent in English, French and Spanish.