Development in the Americas has always progressed alongside threats posed by intensive natural disasters, from earthquakes to hurricanes. However, disaster risk is on the rise due to human factors: environmental degradation, worsening socio- economic conditions and social inequity. Climate change further threatens development, by exacerbating risks from more intense and frequent hydro-meteorological events.

    The Department of Sustainable Development (OAS/DSD), through its Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change section (RISK-MACC), supports the priorities of OAS Member States in adapting to and managing the increasing risks associated with natural disasters. The ultimate goal is to mainstream Risk Management –or deconstruct risk – into development policy and planning across all sectors and government levels, by building on work underway at the regional and international levels, and by taking into account the changing priority needs of Member States and relevant OAS mandates received from the highest-policy making bodies in the Americas.