Haiti Building Standards Development Project

Preliminary Institutional Framework for BNTU and the BNSC

Technical Management

    At the technical level, the building Norms Technical Unit (BNTU) will be managed by a lead National Engineering Consulting Firm, under the terms of references detailed in Annex II of the present report. The lead firm will then subcontract local firms and international expertise as needed, in consultation with the MTPTC and under the technical supervision of the DSD. The OAS will provide technical guidance and oversight to the BNTU.

Project Steering

    The institutional framework under which the project steering will be working has been agreed upon among the different stakeholders during the OAS Mission to Haiti in May 2005. A Building Norms Steering Committee/ Comité de Normes de Construction (BNSC/CNC) including representatives from the public and private sectors, public and private universities, and local communities in Haiti, will be in charge of providing guidance to the overall project implementation. This committee will be under the institutional authority of the governmental institution managing the overall efforts on Disaster Risks Management in Haiti: the DPC-SPGRD, which comprises representatives from all the ministries directly involved in the activities being undertaken in the project. It has been agreed that the BNSC will be chaired by the Civil Engineer representing the Ministry of Public Works at the SPGRD.