Haiti Building Standards Development Project

Coordination/Exchange of Experiences with the CARICOM Countries

    Ensuring the compatibility of the Haitian building Norms with the other norms being developed by other CARICOM countries will be the responsibility of the DSD. CARICOM Countries are planning to update the Caribbean Uniform Building Code (CUBiC) to the Caribbean Uniform Building Standards (CUBiS), which will be based on the International Building Codes (IBC). Therefore, good knowledge of the IBC and close coordination with the CARICOM effort will be essential for the team involved in developing the Haitian Building Norms. This coordination will involve close interaction with the Caribbean Regional Organization for Standards and Qualities (CROSQ), which will be the forefront in standardization of the built environment in the Caribbean, and also the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), which is financing the CARICOM effort.

    The OAS will coordinate the technical liaisons between the CARICOM Community and the Haitian counterparts (BNTU and MTPTC). This will be done by identifying and localizing all necessary documentations for developing the Haitian Building Norms, Residential and Self-help standards, as needed, and in particular, ensuring that the necessary information on the CARICOM effort to update CUBiC (to CUBiS) is made available, so as to ensure the full integration of the Haiti project into the CARICOM initiative.