The Permanent Mission of Peru, host country of the COP XX, with the support of the Department of Sustainable Development for the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Observational Mission of France, is holding a series of four political dialogues in order to exchange experiences and ideas relating to the challenges presented by climate change and the need for the development of the Organization’s Member States.

The political dialogue series merges the agenda for climate change mitigation on the international scale and sustainable development on the regional scale through the exchange of information, science, best practices and policies. The series also promotes the efforts to find innovative sustainable energy sources and innovative sources of financing for these projects. The hope is that the series is helping to facilitate the creation of public and private alliances and is fomenting more public participation in the climate change arena. The series is also putting emphasis on the need for forest conservation, because it is a key player in climate change mitigation.

Timetable for the Policy Dialogue Series:


Policy Dialogue



June 03, 2014

Effective Governance to Approach Climate Change

Asunción, Paraguay

Ministry of Justice Paraguay

June 17, 2014

59th OAS Policy Roundtable: Policy Dialogues on Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for the Americas

Washington, DC


July 02, 2014

Agriculture, Forests and Climate Change

San José, Costa Rica

IICA/Permanent Mission of Costa Rica

August-September, 2014

Innovation, Strategic Allegiances, and Climate Justice: Added Value in the Americas

Lima, Perú