Energy and Climate Change Mitigation


Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement Toolkit Webinar:
Review of Legislative Framework and discussions on PPA development and Development of Model PPA

Venue: Level 15 Conference Room, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries

Date: August 19-20, 2015


  • Review the key ingredients to a successful Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and contract negotiations, including interconnection agreements, shifting PPA risks, project tariffs, and PPA alternative dispute resolution mechanisms;

  • Meet with stakeholders, existing Independent Power Producers, and interface with agencies on legislative acts, legal structures, current PPAs, interconnection, and project financing issues;

  • Liaise with the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and other key stakeholders regarding technical issues for interconnecting RE to the grid.


Panelist Institution Presentation

Chad Laurent

OAS Consultant – Meister Consulting Group

Trinidad and Tobago PPA Monitoring Plan