Energy and Climate Change Mitigation


Sustainable Energy Capacity Building Initiative (SECBI) – Dominican Republic

Caribbean Energy Education and Awareness Programme - Dominican Republic

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean face unrelenting challenges in the energy sector given the instability in prices, especially oil; Caribbean is more worrisome given the overwhelming reliance on fossil fuels for the growing demand for transport and electricity. However, the region has considerable potential for generation from renewable sources, as well as for the implementation of energy efficiency policies that can significantly slow the demand for fossil fuels. The region has a unique opportunity to carry out a revolution in green energy, create new jobs, boost economic growth, and reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Particularly in the current situation, characterized, among other things, by the coexistence of several crises with global reach, within which awareness and training on energy-environment plays a leading role with the entire society, especially children and youth comes to become agents for achieving this great of the XXI Century, Sustainable Development. The so-called green energy revolution must be based unequivocally and decisively in educational programs for national, regional and global reach to meet the particularities of each country and have a positive impact within reasonable time limits on the development of the societies and preserving the planet.

OAS gives special priority to the issue of education to understand that vocational education and training is key to strengthening democratic institutions, promoting the development of human potential, reduce and alleviate poverty, and fostering greater understanding among peoples, as noted by the Inter-American Democratic Charter. In the specific context of sustainability, contents are incorporated environmental education and sustainable development, skills necessary for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources through the various themes that work in the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI).

Through the Department of Sustainable Development (OAS/DSD) and with funding from the United States Permanent Mission to the OAS, is implementing in the Dominican Republic the educational campaign Learn and Save in the framework of the ECPA’ project Sustainable Energy Capacity Building Initiative – Caribbean Region (SECBI). The education campaign was designed to teach basic concepts of energy in schools in English-speaking Caribbean islands under the Sustainable Energy Program of the Caribbean (CSEP).


Educate and raise awareness on energy and climate literacy among educators of all disciplines and from all age groups to strengthen institutional and educational capabilities in the educational system.

Partners and Beneficiaries

The program is implemented directly with the Ministry of Education and through the inter-agency support of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, National Institute of Education and Training of Teachers, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI). The direct beneficiaries are teachers and students of primary and secondary schools.



The Teacher’s Resource Booklet: The booklet provides guidelines for teaching about energy. It includes modules on the energy basics, electricity, sources of renewable and non-renewable energy, energy efficiency, and more.

(Available in Spanish only).

The Learn and Save textbook: disseminates knowledge via the story of two energy families living in a fictional world that is akin to a pro-green planet. Several characters, each representing one of the energy sources, are brought to life with appealing illustrations and descriptions, including special powers and adventure stories.

(Available in Spanish only)

The board game and memo cards: are designed to be played in groups under the supervision of a teacher. The board game includes a deck of playing cards that contains trivia questions on the topics described in the Learn and Save textbook. The memo cards include pairs of matching cards with the image of the characters of the energy sources and tips related to energy and water conservation.

Interactive DVD: The section for teachers replicates the content of the four modules in the Teachers’ Resource Booklet. It also provides links to energy and environmental programs being implemented in other regions of the world. The section for students incorporates the chapters of the student textbook. The DVD provides interactive tutorials on the history of energy, guided quizzes, an interactive Caribbean map, and stimulating games and activities. Download here