Metrology for Sustainable Energy Technologies and the Environment (M4SET)

Technical Exchange on the Development of a Solar Simulator (UV irradiance levels)


The activity was held on February 26 and 27, 2019, at the National Metrology Institute of Mexico, located in Querétaro. The activity is the first phase of a longer project that aims supporting the development of new standards and measurement techniques for photovoltaic panels. The objective of this technical exchange (first phase) was to perform a technical assessment of the study system at CENAM's headquarters provided by Dr. Howard Yoon W from NIST.

In general terms, NIST visit was very helpful for CENAM. They were able to have a general panorama for the development of photovoltaic applications in the United States and its importance for the world economy in the coming years. The technical-scientific recommendations provided by NIST’s expert were key actions that can be applicable in the short term to improve CENAM measurement processes, uncertainty, and services to the user sector of photovoltaic technology.The exchange was useful to increase knowledge on the development of measurement systems for photovoltaic applications using solar spectrum simulators and the calibration services for photovoltaic applications performing direct solar measurements.

During the exchange, other related topics in the field of Thermometry were addressed, including a presentation about NIST new developments in thermal infrared radiation thermometers and sensors. This presentation provided valuable insights regarding the strategy that CENAM should follow to develop radiation thermometers and to improve the capabilities of non-contact measurement.

In general terms, the visit of a NIST expert was useful to analyze CENAM's equipment and laboratories and directly discuss the most effective way to guarantee optimal and adequate results, taking into account their equipment and laboratories. Recommendations were also given based on the services CENAM can provide.

  To design a technical project between NIST and CENAM to develop technical expertise and make more efficient the measurement systems available in CENAM, that provide calibration services in photovoltaic applications. These developments are necessary to encourage the generation of commercial projects that increase the use of renewable energy.
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NORAMET (Mexico and the United States).
Organization of the American States (OAS).
National Metrology Center of Mexico (CENAM).
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
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