Sustainable Energy

Energy Efficiency


Efficient appliances, energy management, and improved energy efficiency in electricity distribution are some of the key factors for achieving an efficient use of energy.

Efficient Energy consists on achieving the same level of energy, while reducing energy consumption; in other words, trying to get more power with the least possible energy, and without wasting any of it.

The design and implementation of energy efficiency regulations, standards, technologies, and practices are essential to achieving the energy savings in equipment and appliances. In this context, it is relevant to strengthen the energy efficiency metrology infrastructure, as well as enhancing technical measurement capacities in the areas of compliance evaluation and verification, test methods, and energy efficiency standards.

Key Points
Promote the implementation of Technical regulations on Energy efficiency.
Improve metrology infrastructure for Energy Efficiency.
Support the adoption of international standards and measurements needed to advance Energy Efficiency.
Support the establishing national minimum energy efficiency standards and test procedures.