Sustainable Energy

Alternative Energies


There is a current transition to  low-carbon supply energy to ensure safe, affordable and sustainable energy supply for future generations. Alternative Energy refers to the energy that replaces fossil fuels and the old electrical grids by turning to alternatives to these energy sources.

The implementation of these new forms of alternative energy and related policies require accurate measurements and standards that are recognized internationally, so that they can be properly evaluated.  These capabilities are also important for assessing the impact of energy on the economic development of each country.

National Metrology Institutes (NMI) in each country need to be aware of the measurement and standards capabilities necessary for implementation of such policies, and must be able to ensure the quality and international acceptance of data on Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) measurements and characterization of renewable energy sources.  
The Inter-American System of Metrology (SIM) has undertaken a major effort to strengthen the measurement and standards infrastructure in the Americas. To support this effort SIM and the Organization of American States (OAS) have joined efforts to implement the Metrology for Sustainable Energy Technologies and the Environment (M4SET) .

Key Points
Support the development of new technologies for producing clean, renewable and affordable energy.
Improve metrology inrastructure for Energy.
Support the adoption of international standards an measurements.