Energy and Climate Change Mitigation


Consultation and Workshop for Financiers: Financing Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean

Investment in energy projects is a long-term proposition. Governments and investors face considerable risks, and challenges, which vary by region and the stage of the energy chain which includes the failure to internalize all costs of conventional energy (e.g., effects of air pollution, risk of supply disruption) and failure to internalize all benefits of sustainable energy (e.g., cleaner air, energy security).

In that context, there is a minor penetration of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the Caribbean region. This is due mainly to high economic costs and unattractive investment conditions or rates of return.

As a result, the Organization of American States through the European Union-funded Initiative, Caribbean Sustainable Energy Program - CSEP and the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP/GIZ) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean Energy Labeling Project - ECELP with the support of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU) co-hosted the consultation and workshop for financiers under the theme Financing Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean.

One of the outcomes of the workshop was get feedback from participants to improve the content of the Financiers Guide to Sustainable Energy for the Caribbean. This guide aims to demonstrate the options available today to financial institutions in order for them to seize the opportunity to further support Eastern Caribbean community development by expanding their portfolios and lending capabilities in sustainable energy.

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