Sustainable Energy


Closed Looped Cycle Production in the Americas


Beneficiary Countries

  • Colombia

The Project of Sustainable Production Development towards a Circular Economy in Colombia, under the framework of the CLCP Program, focuses on the strengthening, development and application of policies toward the productive sector that integrate the principles of a circular economy. This would serve as a business model to be followed in the strategies for the public and private institutions in Colombia.

  • Ecuador:
The Closed Looped Cycle Production Program (CLCP) in the Americas was implemented in Ecuador between 2010 and 2013 (Phase I) with the main objective of introducing and showcase the viability and applicability of the Closed Looped Cycle Production method in the Ecuadorian productive sector.
  • Panama:

The Panama Green Label initiative is led primarily by the SIP, along with the National Counsel for the Private Company (CONEP) with the objective to incentive those companies that continually show good practices in terms of energy efficiency, solid waste management and water management.

Trinidad and Tobago
  • Trinidad y Tobago:

The CLCPA provides assistance through the implementation of a pilot project that aims to collaborate in the development of a sustainable alternative packaging material to replace the Styrofoam containers produced within the Printing and Packaging Industry of Trinidad and Tobago.