National Workshop on "Strengthening Mechanisms for Participation and Access to Information for Sustainable Development." September 12, 2014


The aim of this national workshop is to introduce the Inter-American Strategy for Public Participation in Decision Making for Sustainable Development (ISP), particularly its principles and recommendations, as well as the mechanisms for public participation available in the Honduran, Guatemalan, and Salvadorian legislations. The workshop will also allow for the exchange of experiences and ideas regarding the mechanisms of public participation within free trade agreements and international financial organizations on development. Consequently, the population of the Trifinio region will be exposed to formal participation spaces that will allow it to involve itself in the decision making process for the sustainable development of the region and contribute to the success of the Plan Trifinio strategy. Participating authorities will be able to apply the acquired principles to their management methods.

Workshop Documents (available only in Spanish)


Presentations (available only in Spanish)