Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

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Country: Grenada

Sustainable Communities Pillar: Waste management, Recycling (including electronic waste) and Improved Water Resource Management

Project Title: Protein From Waste and Local Crops

Grant Amount:USD$50,000

Implementer: The Grenada Project



Objective: Recycle certain waste streams including fish and other offals, brewer’s spent grain, market waste, restaurant and hotel food waste and crop waste to manufacture a protein product that will lower the cost of feeding poultry and significantly improve the livelihoods of Grenada’s farmers while avoiding putting noxious organic wastes in the local landfill and generating odor problems.

Expected Results:

  • The equipment and materials necessary to operate the Protein from Waste plant will be fabricated, shipped, assembled and tested during the project.
  • 26,000 lbs of waste will be converted into a Protein Supplement
  • 850 gallons of waste motor oil will be recycled
  • Preliminary production of the Protein Supplement where the various feedstock to be used in production will be run through the whole line.

Field Visit:

Steam Tank Shed within Perseverance Sanitary Landfill

Used engine oil    Boiler to Produce Steam     Richard Huber Steam Tank

Procurement, Fabrication and Transit Phase:

Product Line Container Loaded

Outdoor Work Area for Fabrication Phase Grinder for Bones in Product Line Main Feedstock Conveyor

Available Documents:

Project Proposal l Signed Sub-Project Agreement l The Grenada Project: Protein From Waste & Local Crops l Articles of Incorporation