Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

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Country: Belize

Sustainable Communities Pillar: Waste management, Recycling (including electronic waste) and Improved Water Resource Management

Project Title: Sustainable Recycling and Reuse - Pilot Project

Grant Amount:USD$49,981.50

Implementer: Plenty International Belize Ltd


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Objective: Support waste management efforts through education and alternative solid waste disposal heightening community awareness on the importance of reducing the environmental impacts of solid waste disposal while gathering data to identify diversified recycling and reuse methods beneficial for sustainable community development in Punta Gorda, Belize.

Expected Results:

  • Host ten Environmental Education Workshops that deliver tangible material and practical application activities for participants to obtain a heightened awareness of their environmental responsibilities
  • Fifteen pilot recycling sites established in Toledo District to provide access to an alternative solid waste disposal method with logistics management training provided to communities to maintain the service after the project ends.
  • Ten location clean-ups conducted throughout the targeted communities to remedy areas blighted with trash.
  • Feasibility Study Report for a Recycling and Reuse Facility completed from RnD of the recycling industry, processing procedures for manufacturing recycle plastic products, and a cost analysis to compare a standard recycling program versus a reuse facility.

Available Documents:

Project Proposal l Signed Sub-Project Agreement l Letter of Support Punta Gorda Town Council l Recyclables Banner l Project Work Plan